Taurus Woman Traits

Taurus Woman Traits Taurus Woman Traits

Taurus woman traits proved she has more will power and emotional courage than most women found in the Zodiac. I mean…. anything that's considered special to her is held dearly…..and fiercely protected. This is the grounds for the great possessiveness within this woman.


More especially, Taurus woman is not the outgoing type. She will prefer to keep herself occupied in her own affairs….and still attract people.


Yes….she may take time to select her partner…..but once she accepts you, she proves to be a devoted partner.

Detailed Traits of a Taurus Woman


Here are summary of notable Taurus woman traits:

  • She is caring and dependable
  • Stylish, well-groomed, and socially involved
  • She possessed Strong judgmental power
  • She can be quite stubborn
  • Fixation on known methods


Now, let’s look at detailed Taurus woman traits:


Caring and dependable 


Taurus woman cares a lot for her husband and children……and does everything possible to see them in good shape. It is easy for this woman to maintain harmony in domestic life….and still live a happy and enjoyable life. She is a good house maker and does everything in a well planned and efficient manner. She is truly the hand that rocks the cradle and rules the home.


Stylish and well-groomed


Whether she turns her energies to domestic or professional aims, she is certain to give it all that she has. This woman is a true lover of nature…. mostly “turn on” by good surrounding with lots of open air and natural looks.


Strong judgmental power 


Taurus woman usually exhibit strong judgmental power about what is right and what is wrong. She does not judge people at the first glance…..rather let their behavior speak for them. This woman will not budge from a view point or anything she think is correct…mostly practical conviction. Usually has a strong mind and willpower, which restrain her from doing anything out of obligation.


Fixation on purpose


There are some fixations in lives of a Taurus woman…..which may perplex other signs. She tends to stick with patterns and experiences she knows…..as this make up her sense of being and makes her feel secure and comfortable. This woman cannot be forced to do anything she is not willing to do.




The fact is most born of Taurus is not psychologically equipped to deal with conflict and suffering…..which reveal its stubborn and sometimes brutal traits.


She does not take well to threats, to disrespect or to rigid or overly burdensome demands. She can be quite resentful in the face of these. She is capable of violent outbursts and childish display of rage or bad temper….although this happens rarely. She does not get angry easily…..once she does….she becomes infuriated.




For Taurus woman, her friends must be dependable……and stand by her whenever the need arises. Actually, this woman rarely makes friends but when she does it is usually with people who, like her, do not believe in dual personality.


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