Taurus Woman Physical Appearance

Taurus Woman Physical Appearance Taurus Woman

Taurus women born in the month of May as opposed to the month of April are likely to have a Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces Ascendant and this can greatly alter the classical Taurus woman physical appearance.


In fact, nowhere else in the Zodiac are the physical characteristics of a sign so mitigated by other planetary influences than in Taurus. (The May-born, slight-of-frame, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, for example.) 


Nonetheless, varied as the physical appearance of a woman of Taurus Zodiac Sign may appear, there remains one telltale characteristic by which a Taurus woman can usually be identified: the eyes, which seem to be rather prominent or slightly protruding, having a conical or pointed shape at the cornea...and even the more slender Taurus woman will possess the typical broad shoulders and straight back.


Detailed Facts About Taurus Woman Physical Appearance


The overall appearance of all Taurus women exudes a somewhat distinct sensual aura.


To some extent, the above descriptions of Taurus woman physical appearance are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Taurus woman falls.


First Decan of Taurus Woman Physical Appearance (Born April 21 to April 30)


A Taurus woman born within the First Decan (April 21 to April 30...also known as the Taurus Decante of Taurus) possesses many physical features that others find most attractive and appealing. These may include: smooth and radiant skin; well-formed sensuous lips; soft and manageable hair; a youthful appearance; and a "ski" nose.


There is a tendency for these women to be rather too sensual for their own good and some may need to select a wardrobe which tones down a few of the "too-sexy" features. The hands are likely to be smooth and fleshy, with short rather stubby fingers. However, the nails will probably be well-manicured.


First Decan Taurus woman prefers only the most expensive of clothes, since she revel in the sensuous feel of fine fabrics and the pleasure of an excellent fit. This woman is likely to be medium-tall to tall in height, with slim to medium shoulders and a bony build. The forehead is usually broad and the eyes widely separated. On rare occasions, the females of this Decan can be be somewhat flat-chested and both sexes tend toward the thin side in physical build.


Second Decan of Taurus Woman Physical Appearance (Born April 31 to May 10)


A Taurus woman born within the Second Decan (April 31 to May 10...also known as the Virgo Decante of Taurus) is likely to be identified by a slim build and shortness of stature, often making for something of a tiny individual. Indeed, these Taurus women are usually smaller and more trim than others born under the jurisdiction of this Sign. Normally careful of diet, appearance and wardrobe, these subjects strive to avoid being overweighted, unkempt or ostentatious.


The voice is normally clear and pleasant and there may be an aversion to grammatical errors since every effort is made here to use precise words in order to express meaning and/or feeling.


Because these women need to use gestures rather frequently, they find it difficult to communicate if their hands are otherwise occupied. Facial features tend to be relatively small and round with one possible exception...the nose, customarily soft and broad, may be a little larger (or longer) than these Taurus women would prefer. The physical appearance of Taurus woman Second Decon is very similar to those who fall within the Virgo Decante of Virgo.


Third Decan of Taurus Woman Physical Appearance (Born May 11 to May 22)


A Taurus woman born within the Third Decan (May 11 to May 22...also known as the Capricorn Decante of Taurus) is likely to be of small to medium height and slim to medium in build.


There is a tendency here for this woman to look somewhat older than she truly is...particularly up until the mid-thirties, after which she may not appear to age very much more. The neck is apt to be somewhat longer and thinner than average and although the upper torso is seldom large, there is a tendency to fullness of the hips and legs.


The skin is prone to be dry and may require ongoing care to avoid a "leathery" appearance.




With keen taste buds, Taurus woman is an individual of impeccably good taste and nobody loves food more than women born under the influence of this Sign. However, therein lays a possible problem of serious weight gain, especially later in life. This is something that only Taurus woman herself has the ability to control and it is far from easy, given the inherent craving of this Sign for buttery gravies, freshly-baked bread and rich desserts.


There is also another reason for weight gain which is commonly linked to Taurus...a hypothyroid condition associated with the small, ductless, endocrine gland known as the thyroid which sits in the center of the neck, nestled near the larynx and vocal chords.


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