Taurus Woman In Love

Taurus Woman In Love Taurus Woman In Love

Taurus woman in love is loyal, protective and dedicated. She looks towards the long-term rather than short-lived excitement, preferring a mate who makes her feel emotionally secure.


In return, she provides plenty of affection and generosity, but is prone to be jealous and possessive of any partner.


Actually, sensuality and stability are two of the things that Taurus woman prize most highly...together with fidelity, sharing good food and other creature comforts.


Her sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated. She takes her own time with everything and is slow to turn on. Tender and steady caresses of her hand and physical stimulation excite her most being an earthy sign. Body contact is important and the Taurus woman in love is big on hugs, kisses and caresses.


Facts About Taurus Woman in Love


Here are other notable features of Taurus woman in Love


  • For a Taurus woman in love, satisfaction and contentment come through connecting with that which gives sensual gratification. It does not matter where it comes from so long as there is more of it.
  • She has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. It can be said a Taurus woman makes an art of lovemaking. Her touch is tender and gentle.
  • Also, a Taurus woman in love will enjoy doing things together and share many of the same interests with loved one. She possesses an in-born need to express personal feelings and will constantly strive to convey her emotions to her partner.
  • While this female may appear very affectionate, such should not be taken as an invitation to take advantage of her. Any potential partner must be honest and upright at all times.
  • Actually, jealousy may well prove to be a large threat to any love union with a Taurus woman. The inherent possessiveness and jealousy associated with this woman will undoubtedly cause her to put her partner through an unpleasant time.


However, under no circumstances should you point out the shortcomings of this woman with threats or anger...to do so may well awaken something within that will prove to be far more than what was bargained for. Since Taurus woman is ruled by Venus, far more will be accomplished via love and consideration rather than force.


Positive Aspects Of Taurus Woman In Love:


She is Loyal – Dedicated – Generous - Protective - Caring - Doting - Understanding – Stable


Negative Aspects Of Taurus Woman In Love:


She can be Jealous - Possessive - Controlling - Immobile - Overly Serious



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