Best Match For Taurus Woman


Best match for Taurus woman are either Capricorn or Virgo ascendants. You may ask; why Capricorn or Virgo ascendants?


Here are reasons why Capricorn and Virgo ascendants are best match for Taurus woman:


  • For a Taurus woman, a partnership with an individual governed by Capricorn can result in lasting love. Both share so many important things, including a strong desire for security. Each partner will be very deep, passionate and romantic.
  • Also, Taurus woman partnership with an individual governed by Virgo is one where many needs, qualities and values are shared. Both yearn for a secure and committed relationship and both will strive together to create that ideal. This is also a good match in physical terms.

Now, look at some of the distinct qualities that made Capricorn and Virgo ascendants best match for Taurus woman:


 Capricorn as best match for Taurus woman


  • Taurus woman and Capricorn male have much in common. It includes a mutual respect and understanding of what is important in life. Both value hard work and the better things life has to offer.
  • The lovable and trustworthy nature of the Taurus woman relaxes the normally serious Capricorn individual and really brings out a sense of humor. In turn, the Capricorn partner will be devoted to the Taurus woman and make her feel very special indeed.
  • Taurus woman will always have a shoulder to lean on with the Capricorn native, who both respects and admires the Taurus ability to stick with something to the bitter end.
  • A Capricorn partner can also teach the Taurus woman much about actually getting a job done.


Note: This does not necessary mean that the Taurus woman will be completely dominated by intense emotion…meaning that for Capricorn native to remain the best match for Taurus woman, both should demonstrate a lot of understanding to flaws in their personalities.


Virgo as best match for Taurus woman


  • Indeed, the adorable Taurus woman will awaken inner passions in the Virgo male that were heretofore unknown. Thus, the Virgo partner will become more romantic simply by virtue of being with the Taurus woman and she will benefit by the Virgo individual's practice of new romantic ways.
  • The Virgo native considers the Taurus female to be quite amazing...loyal and diligent in achieving her goals...and these are exactly the qualities that hard-working Virgo wants in a companion.
  • Disagreement between this two Signs (Taurus and Virgo) will be few and far between since both have a strong practical side to their nature. In addition, these individuals share a logical mind and sharp financial ability….hence Virgo can be considered as best match for Taurus woman. 



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