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Taurus woman personality can simply be adjudged to be warm-hearten. She by nature true and sincere. Her affections is deep and loyal. She possesses gentle feminine outlook……. but is extremely strong when it comes to emotions.


Taurus woman needs are strong but quite simple at the same time.


Being highly introvert, Taurus woman chooses her friends very cautiously. She possesses lots of practicality and earthly sensibility and live primarily through the pleasures of her senses.

Detailed Taurus Woman Personality


Taurus woman is one of the more solid and pragmatic female in the zodiac. Quite adept in handling pressures and can very well tackle the most difficult of situations.


Let’s look at all about Taurus woman personality:


Taurus Woman Physical appearance


The physical appearance of a Taurus woman will always be attractive since she retain her bloom for many years and never fail to take care with her appearances. Actually, the majority of Taurus women are considered to possess a most excellent physique, displaying the promise of youth, vigor and freshness far into the declining later years of life.


The skin of most Taurus women will be glowing and opaque in nature, soft to the touch and even "creamy" in appearance. However, some may sport a florid complexion which will, nonetheless, be clear in character. The lips are normally full and well-shaped with the teeth typically small and even. Generally, a woman governed by Taurus move gracefully and well in coordination with others.


Taurus Woman Mental Attitude


Mental attitude of a Taurus woman can be adjudged to be affectionate and demonstrative. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, gives her a fascinating and charming personality. Because of this, this graceful woman attracts men easily. She is lavish in affections and has a warm-hearten, magnetic personality.


Actually, a woman ruled by Taurus has a determined and persistent streak. Although she prefers to give the impression that she is dependent, she is perfectly capable of helping herself if the need arises. When given the opportunity to reside in a luxurious home, this woman delights in showing off her truly wonderful house-keeping abilities and her gracious social charm. Usually friendly and loyal……this only until she starts feeling disrespected or encroached upon……then her rebellious and stubborn characteristics will surely manifest.


Taurus Woman Health and Well-being


Being a hardy personality with great stamina and endurance, Taurus woman does not get sick very often. However, when she do fall ill, there is a tendency to "go down" like the proverbial "felled ox" and she will feel absolutely miserable. Often, health problems are brought about by feelings of threatened security and any interruption in the normal routine, or even dissatisfaction in the workplace, may also be factors in the well-being of a Taurus woman.


Not much given to exercise, Taurus woman is far from the most physically active personality of the Zodiac. Nevertheless, most Taurus women do enjoy certain forms of exercise in moderation. One great love of a person who falls under the jurisdiction of Taurus is being outdoors...perhaps puttering around in a flower or vegetable garden. In general, Taurus woman relishes the beauty of Mother Nature in a multitude of ways. It is unlikely that such an individual will jog daily, but a brisk walk every day will serve to stem the tendency to put on weight.


Taurus Woman Finances


When it comes to issues of finance, a Taurus woman is customarily experts at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned. This woman will pay her bills on time and her bank accounts will always be in pristine order. This is a woman who believe's in the old maxim of "neither a borrower nor a lender is."

Mostly driven by security and special fondness for personal possessions, a woman born under this sign is not afraid to work for what she wants. She usually has dogged determination to see her goals through to the end….and possesses an inherent need to stick to their gun.


Taurus Woman Romance


Adjudging romantic lives of Taurus women, they definitely have a fondness for material things and desire romantic interludes. While they may appear very affectionate, such should not be taken as an invitation to take advantage of. These personalities can see through a phony with eyes closed.


Although, she may be shy in expressing personal sentiments, Taurus woman craves closeness and touch, but do not let just anyone get so close. She needs certain measure of predictability and dependability. A line will need to be drawn between expectations and what any partner is truly willing to provide.




In general, a Taurus woman can be said to be well-groomed and socially involved. Whether she turn her energy to domestic or professional aims, she is certain to give all she has.


Taurus woman can be safely guided by her first impressions, in love or in work. However, she should make all life decisions when she is alone and free of influence and excitement from other people. If she does, her decisions is much more likely to be of her judgment, which is usually excellent.


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