Taurus Personalities – Third Decan

Taurus Third Decan Born May 11 to May 22


The Third Decan of Taurus is also known as the Capricorn Decante and the "Week of the Natural."


The influence of Saturn, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences but chiefly makes for an individual possessed of a potent desire to succeed, coupled with the patience, will and drive to do so. Alternatively, this planetary influence can make for a person who is overly-serious and self-disciplined to a fault. In such circumstances, these subjects should try to stop second-guessing past decisions and worrying over future possibilities. In short, they need to give themselves permission to enjoy life in the "here and now."


Here are characteristics of person born of Taurus Third Decan:


Taurus third decan personalities are constantly focused on the next higher rung


Wherever Third Decan Taurus individuals might be on the ladder of success at any given time, they are never truly content since their eyes and hearts are constantly focused on the next higher rung. Subjects who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan may well experience many problems, delays, setbacks and outright failures in their attempts to move up, but the will to keep on trying never allows them to give in. It makes little difference to these natives the number of times they might be "brought to their knees" since they seem to understand that few things of worth will be realized unless they are earned.


Taurus third decan persons are strong and impulsive individuals


These are people who rarely expect "something for nothing," although they may wish that such things could be realities. Here, courtesy of Saturn, all the combined sympathy and self-will which characterizes the Taurus nature can falter through doubt and worry if allowed to take control. However, Third Decan Taurus natives are strong and impulsive individuals who can override obstacles and avoid such pitfalls. The goal is for such personsis to "be themselves" and shake off any morbid moods.


If this is accomplished, then the influence of Saturn manifests itself only with regard to studious desires, which should be taken advantage of, but not allowed to keep these natives from participating in activities they might prefer.


Taurus third decan personalities are naturally gifted in business and finance


Naturally gifted in business and finance, Third Decan Taurus subjects make excellent designers, architects and artists, often found in positions of authority and responsibility. They benefit from private and solitary times taken away from crowds and nature has a curative effect on such individuals. They tend to be slow in "warming-up" to others, while allowing them to earn trust and respect.


Taurus third decan personalities usually take life, themselves, everyone and everything much too seriously


Perhaps the most negative aspect of this Decan is that its natives take life, themselves, everyone and everything much too seriously. They would be well-advised to develop a more positive attitude and outlook, not to mention a better sense of humor. The dedication to success and achievement here can bring about an extremely negative effect on family and home life if the individual fails to learns how to devote some time to matters other than career, profession and/or business.


The motto of the Third Decan of Taurus is "Mastership."


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