Taurus Personalities – Second Decan

Personalities of Taurus Second Decan Born April 31 to May 10


The Second Decan of Taurus is also known as the Virgo Decante and the "Week of the Teacher."


The influence of Mercury, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences but chiefly makes for a bright and well-organized person who is an excellent communicator with a fine critical ability. Nonetheless, care should be taken to resist the temptation to find fault with others and instead, use such talent to avoid going to personal extremes.


Here are characteristics of person born of Taurus Second Decan:


Taurus second decan personalities are the most hardworking of all Taurus individuals


Here, Virgo traits cause these natives to be the most hardworking of all Taurus individuals...ones who like money and are sufficiently industrious to put forth the effort necessary to accumulate wealth. Not really adept at "wheeling-and-dealing," these Taurus subjects tend to believe that system, order and dedication to work will bring the desired materials gains. Very aware of details, these natives believe there is a place for everything and that everything should be in its place.


Taurus second decan persons possess good mind, mental curiosity and a desire for self-improvement


The influence of Mercury will provide a good mind, mental curiosity and a desire for self-improvement, thus increasing the chances of material success and the ability to say or write whatever might be necessary to reach this positive result. Second Decan Taurus individuals count among the most effective salespersons and a career or business closely associated with selling may be the best choice for achieving the monetary rewards sought by these natives. Here, the concept of accumulating wealth hinges most importantly on economy, conservation, efficiency of operation and keeping more of what comes in, as opposed to simply increasing the intake with little regard as to how it is to be managed.


It is important that individuals born under the jurisdiction of this Decan be staunch and steady, pushing the strength of Taurus to its fullest capacity.


Taurus second decan personalities are also prone to Indolence


Lunar influences are prone to affect this Decan and, given the changeability of the Moon, can invoke the indolence which is one of the great weaknesses of the primary Venus nature. However, the impulse of Mercury is helpful here since it can aid in rousing an individual from the "doldrums." Second Decan Taurus natives should never take up anything they do not care for, or the inherent nature of Venus will rebel and fail to "make the most of it." Those born within this period need to set a goal and avoid petty jealousy while seeking to attain such a goal.


Taurus second decan personalities are sensitive to noise and very detail-conscious


Natives of this Decan will doubtless face many conflicts and have to overcome many physical and mental challenges before the day is through. Sensitive to noise and very detail-conscious, those who fall under the influence of this Decan detest tight schedules, interruptions and surprises. There is a tendency toward teeth-grinding during sleep and sore muscles in the neck, throat and jaw. The opinions of these individuals are strong, but are often better going unexpressed...unless particularly requested to voice them.


The motto of the Second Decan of Taurus person is "Struggle."


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