Taurus Personalities – First Decan

Profile of The First Decan of Taurus Born April 21 to April 30


The First Decan of Taurus is also known as the Taurus Decante and the "Week of Manifestation." 


This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period may well be the most materialistic, hedonistic and sensuous of all Taurus subjects...they are the ones most influenced by the primary ruling planet of Venus. Here, for better or worse, all the usual Taurus characteristics are more pronounced.


Here are characteristics of person born of Taurus First Decan:


First Decan of Taurus Personalities Possess money-oriented Trait


To these natives, money does indeed talk and they may need to somewhat curb this money-oriented trait in order to avoid losing out on many of the other good and satisfying things in life. In short, they need to learn that money is not everything. If wealth is allowed to become their "god," then they will have little, if any, time for anything else. Consequently, these individuals could become exceedingly rich but find themselves totally alone and unloved.


If wealth does become all-important, then there is likely to be a tendency to question whether those who express love truly feel the emotion or are simply "in it for the money." Thus, suspicions regarding the motivations of others can lead to much personal misery.


First Decan of Taurus personalities possesses an accented appetite for food, drink and sexual encounters


This Decan possesses an accented appetite for food, drink and sexual encounters and those who fall under its influence would do well to strive for moderation, lest such appetites turn into "masters," causing an over-abundance of personal problems and grief.


Approach to life taken by first decan of Taurus personalities is rather deliberate


The approach to life taken by these subjects is rather deliberate. They like to take things slow and easy, disliking to be rushed since they tend to savor just about anything they do. With its dual secondary planetary influences of Mars and Mercury, the natural sympathy of this Decan is easily roused to quickness and over-activity which can lead to worry and dissatisfaction.


Passionate and lusty to the core


Trivial matters and immediate goals can disturb the romantic side of the individual nature in this instance. The influence of Mars is responsible for angry moods that play havoc with the normal trend. It is important that individuals who fall within the jurisdiction of this First Decan be tactful, rather than aggressive. Passionate and lusty to the core, these Taurus individuals tend to believe that too much is never quite enough.


Normally very attractive, musical, artistic and sensual Taurus individuals


On a more positive note, First Decan Taurus natives are normally very attractive, musical, artistic and sensual individuals who are inherently fond of animals, the land, virgin forests and beautiful hand-made crafts. In short, they embrace earthly pleasures with much gusto. The nurturing and fruitful qualities of the earth are often emphasized in this Decan and the ability to acquire wealth and items of value can be quite extraordinary. However, an abundance of lust for such material things can lead to moral and spiritual blindness.


Prosperity based on hard work is usually indicated, together with an eagerness to cooperate with family and friends.


The motto of the First Decan of Taurus persons is "Determination."


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