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Understanding Taurus personalities through the study of Taurus Decans


Taurus decans cover modifications of Taurus personalities and traits attributed to minor planetary influences which temper or blend with the ruling influence of the period.


Taurus Decans Personality Profile


Personality profile Taurus First Decan

Born April 21 to April 30


The First Decan of Taurus is also known as the Taurus Decante and the "Week of Manifestation."


This Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period may well be the most materialistic, hedonistic and sensuous of all Taurus subjects...they are the ones most influenced by the primary ruling planet of Venus. Here, for better or worse, all the usual Taurus characteristics are more pronounced.


To these natives, money does indeed talk and they may need to somewhat curb this money-oriented trait in order to avoid losing out on many of the other good and satisfying things in life. Consequently, these individuals could become exceedingly rich but find themselves totally alone and unloved.


If wealth does become all-important, then there is likely to be a tendency to question whether those who express love truly feel the emotion or are simply "in it for the money."


Thus, suspicions regarding the motivations of others can lead to much personal misery.


Prosperity based on hard work is usually indicated, together with an eagerness to cooperate with family and friends.


The motto of the First Decan of Taurus is "Determination."


Personality profile Taurus Second Decan

Born April 31 to May 10


The Second Decan of Taurus is also known as the Virgo Decante and the "Week of the Teacher." The influence of Mercury, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences but chiefly makes for a bright and well-organized person who is an excellent communicator with a fine critical ability.


Nonetheless, care should be taken to resist the temptation to find fault with others and instead, use such talent to avoid going to personal extremes.


Here, Virgo traits cause these natives to be the most hardworking of all Taurus individuals...ones who like money and are sufficiently industrious to put forth the effort necessary to accumulate wealth. Not really adept at "wheeling-and-dealing," these Taurus subjects tend to believe that system, order and dedication to work will bring the desired materials gains.


Very aware of details, these natives believe there is a place for everything and that everything should be in its place. The influence of Mercury will provide a good mind, mental curiosity and a desire for self-improvement, thus increasing the chances of material success and the ability to say or write whatever might be necessary to reach this positive result.


Those born within this period need to set a goal and avoid petty jealousy while seeking to attain such a goal. Natives of this Decan will doubtless face many conflicts and have to overcome many physical and mental challenges before the day is through.


Sensitive to noise and very detail-conscious, those who fall under the influence of this Decan detest tight schedules, interruptions and surprises.


The motto of the Second Decan of Taurus is "Struggle."


Personality profile Taurus Third Decan

Born May 11 to May 22


The Third Decan of Taurus is also known as the Capricorn Decante and the "Week of the Natural." The influence of Saturn, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences but chiefly makes for an individual possessed of a potent desire to succeed, coupled with the patience, will and drive to do so.


Alternatively, this planetary influence can make for a person who is overly-serious and self-disciplined to a fault. In such circumstances, these subjects should try to stop second-guessing past decisions and worrying over future possibilities. In short, they need to give themselves permission to enjoy life in the "here and now."


Wherever Third Decan Taurus individuals might be on the ladder of success at any given time, they are never truly content since their eyes and hearts are constantly focused on the next higher rung. Subjects who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan may well experience many problems, delays, setbacks and outright failures in their attempts to move up, but the will to keep on trying never allows them to give in.


It makes little difference to these natives the number of times they might be "brought to their knees" since they seem to understand that few things of worth will be realized unless they are earned.


The dedication to success and achievement here can bring about an extremely negative effect on family and home life if the individual fails to learn how to devote some time to matters other than career, profession and/or business.


The motto of the Third Decan of Taurus is "Mastership."


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