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Taurus the bull individuals are content to live each day for the pleasure, calm, and stability it holds.


Change isn't high on the list of things to look forward to for this sign.


Here are other facts about Taurus the Bull individuals:


Thrives on Security and Order


People born during this part of the zodiac thrive on security and order and will schedule every area of their life, from eating to working, playing, and sleeping. They are careful, reliable, and practical. They are honest and consistent with family and friends and expect the same in return. Loyalty is also very important to them.


Taurus Persons are Methodical and Reserved


Taurus is often methodical and reserved. With tremendous willpower and self-discipline, they are inclined to plod along, sticking to traditional, accepted ways of doing things. Although they may be slower than others like, they always finish what they start. Their goals are always realistic, if not particularly ambitious.


Taurus Individuals are Opinionated and Stubborn


This astrology sign isn't generally a risk taker and likes to weigh every decision carefully. Opinionated and stubborn, once a Taurean makes up his or her mind, they don't usually waiver. They tend to fight for what they believe in. As with a few other zodiac signs, bullying a Taurus will only result in rebellion and resentment.


Taurus Persons Tastes are Simple and Pragmatic Tastes


Taurus tastes are simple and pragmatic. They are known for a love of food, clothes, and the finer things in life, although their preferences fall more towards the no-frills side. The Taurus personality is also a romantic, attracted to beauty and sensuality in anything pleasing to the senses - color, touch, sound, taste, and smell


The Average Taurus Person Can be Possessive and Cautious


On the negative side, this star sign can be possessive of everything - friends, family, and things. They are big collectors but don't particularly like to share. Although they don't get angry quickly, when they do, they don't get over it quickly either. They tend to be quite stubborn and skeptical and refuse to try anything new. Of all the Zodiac signs, Taurus is the most cautious about astrology or anything else mystical that can't be scientifically proven once and for all.


Finds it Difficult to Socialize


Taurus finds it difficult to socialize with others and is often alone by choice. This zodiac sign is also known for exhibiting a lazy streak. And many adult Taureans exhibit an overly trusting, childlike charm, wending their way through a life that to them is simplistically black and white. Also, people with this sign are prone to being overweight and can overindulge in food if not discouraged early on. Health wise, Taurus tends to get more than their share of sore throats, earaches, and skin problems.


Taurus natives have a natural ability to develop and maintain wealth


These folks have a natural ability to develop and maintain wealth and will stand out in vocations that are connected with money such as banking and finance. They also generally excel as architects, builders, accountants, auctioneers, or real estate brokers. For some with this sun sign, greed can be a problem.


Taurus Persons are Gifted with an artistic ability


Gifted with an artistic ability, Taurus may do well at crafts. They also like to garden and are often attracted to landscape design. They may also find their passion in music or performing arts.


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