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Taurus profile briefly explains all that made up Taurus Zodiac Sign. You will learn about the Season, Ruling planet, Polarity, Zodiac quality, Zodiac element and its influence on Taurus individuals. 


You will also be familiar with lucky gem, lucky number, lucky flower, lucky color and lucky day associated to all born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus.


Now let’s look at Taurus profile in detail:




Taurus  Season


Taurus is a Spring Zodiac Sign (as are the Signs of Aries and Gemini). Spring is the First Quarter (or Quadrant) of the yearly cycle, traditionally associated with the period of new growth and/or rebirth.


Influence of Spring


As natives of Spring, Taurus individuals like to create and produce. More than those who fall under the jurisdiction of the other Seasons, All born at Spring crave relatively constant appreciation and approval for what is accomplished.


In general, individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of Spring possess a great enthusiasm for life.


Taurus  Ruling Planet


Taurus is dominated by Venus, the planet which also rules Libra. Venus was named for the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. In its highest form, Venus provides the finest of all planetary influences. It denotes a kindly and harmonious nature, possessed with a desire for happiness and comradeship.


Influence of Venus


Beauty, charm, love of music and gaiety all belong to the make-up of a Venus individual. Taurus individuals, being under the influence of this planet will spare no effort in the creation of comfortable surroundings. They enjoy home life and form firm and lasting friendships. Such are the positive aspects bestowed by Venus.


In contrast, however, lack of harmony is disturbing to natives of Venus, causing them to become emotional over disputes. Being kindly souls, they are easily offended and will resent even slight neglect. Unless those ruled by this planet are careful in their choice of friends or those upon whom they shower affection, the result may be misunderstanding.


Taurus Ruling House


Taurus is the natural ruler of the Second House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the "House of Material Possessions" and known in Vedic Astrology as the "Gate of Hades." This is the field which challenges an individual to define and refine his or her personal sense of values.


Influence of the Second House of the Zodiac


The things and qualities that a person born under the influence of Taurus treasures, cherishes and enjoys are to be found here. This is the area of personal security and gain...money, employment, possessions and life's simple pleasures, as well as its luxuries.


Taurus Zodiac Quality


Taurus is a Fixed Quality Sign (a Quality it shares with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Fixed Signs arrive at the height of each of the four Seasons...a time of the most powerful seasonal expression. As the second Zodiac Sign of Spring, Taurus is the solidifier of this Season.


Influence of Fixed Quality


Fixed Signs operate with stamina, loyalty, determination and perseverance. They are not easily compromised, possess deeply-ingrained habits and find any form of change a difficult concept (all which forms basic characteristics of Taurus).


The most common response of Fixed Quality Signs is one of resistance. Thus, "letting go" can be a problem in all areas of life. These natives maintain, uphold and defend positions, responsibilities, goals or desires in everyday situations. In short, they are the Zodiac's preservers of tradition and those who fall under the jurisdiction of a Fixed Quality are not easily distracted...able to keep "hands on the wheel and eyes on the road" at all times.


Taurus  Zodiac Element


Taurus is governed by the Element of Earth...an element it shares with the Signs of Capricorn and Virgo. Earth is also the ruler of the Second, Sixth and Tenth Houses of the Zodiac.


Influence of Earth


The Element of Earth provides the ability to manifest desires which help to ground energy and focus. Most Earth individuals have the essential quality of strength and are practical souls being fond of organization. As both defenders and builders, Earth natives are steady and solid in their efforts with a strong sense of responsibility. Earth Signs are concerned with reality and the constants of home, family and work.


These are sensual subjects who tend to be conservative in their approach to life. They are kind and cautious and it takes much to win their trust and friendship...though once obtained, these people are forever loyal.


Taurus Zodiac Polarity


Taurus is Negative in polarity (as are Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces). The general characteristics of Negative Signs lean toward introversion and prefer to draw upon personal resources rather than look for external stimuli.


Influence of Negative Polarity


Such individuals are naturally more receptive, sensitive and nurturing than are the Zodiac Signs of Positive polarity (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). However, Negative Signs are also likely to be much more cautious, retiring and standoffish than their Positive counterparts with a tendency to keep personal feelings under tight control. Taurus is the most introverted of the Negative Signs (with Virgo a close second).


Summary of Taurus Profile


Birth Date: April 21st--May 21st


Symbol: The Bull.


Ruling Planet: Venus


Ruling House: 2nd House


Opposite Sign: Scorpio.


Constellation: Taurus.


Zodiac Element: Earth


Zodiac Quality: Fixed


Birthstones: Diamond, Emerald.


Colors: Green, Orange, Cream.


Number: One, Six.


Day: Friday.


Zodiac Polarity: Positive


Metals: Silver, Gold, & Copper.


Body Parts Ruled: Neck, Throat.


Best Love Matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, & Virgo.


Worst Love Matches: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, & Sagittarius.


Variable Matches: Taurus; Scorpio.


Positive Traits: practical, reliable, patient, persistent, determined, strong-willed, solid, affectionate, warm-hearted and trustworthy with a firm sense of values


Negative Traits: possessive, jealous, lazy, self-indulgent, greedy, boring, unoriginal, stubborn and inflexible in opinion


Likes: permanency, stability, luxury, comfort, pleasure and good food


Dislikes: disruption, being rushed, being indoors, being pushed too hard and any break in routine


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