Taurus Man Traits

Taurus Man Traits Taurus Man Traits

While some Taurus man traits may create the impression of a dull individual, nothing could be further from the truth.


This is a kind, tolerant and helpful man...and one who is usually quite handsome into the bargain. He is warm-hearten and affectionate, and he is intensely passionate. He is also a lover of the pleasures of life, a hedonist in self-indulgence and every luxury.


Cautious by nature, he doesn't jump into anything without plenty of forethought. Even if he takes you by surprise, you can be assured that the intention was there way before you knew it. 


Underneath a sometimes reserve, he is warm, generous and teaming with earthy passion. A fan of all the pleasures life has to offer, he is often security conscious and dedicated to seeing the fruits of his labor.


Notable positive and negative Taurus man traits:


Positive Taurus Man Traits


  • Men governed by this Sign possess a basic understanding of life and what it is all about in practical terms.
  • Although the Taurus man is renowned for the perception he spends his money with (he’s very careful about it), he will let his loved ones see his feelings not only by means of words and gestures, but presents too.
  • He is sensible, down-to-earth and cautious. At the same time a very sensitive soul.
  • In his youth, the Taurus man passes from one woman to another, with enthusiasm and curiosity. On the other hand, when he decides to settle down for life, the Taurus man stops joking, moving around like a bull who is not pleased: he chooses vigilantly, with no alacrity (Coz, he knows haste makes waste), analyzing the advantages and drawbacks, and he decides only after a mature enough assessment.
  • Taurus man is not someone who is prone to divorce. So we can just as well say how careful this man is about his relationships. He doesn’t possess a versatility of mind, in these cases. When he makes up his mind, he chooses to stick to it, no matter what.
  • The Taurus man never fails to keep his promises. That is because he doesn’t make a promise unless he is positive he can live up to it, and he is convinced of that only after having analyzed the situation very circumspectly. Like we said, he’s pretty much careful.


Negative Taurus Man Traits


  • Practical and good-nurtured...with a decidedly stubborn streak...the man ruled by Taurus does possess a temper. It is slow to rise but when it does, sparks are sure to fly.
  • There is something about the Taurus man, and there he is as much in love with love itself, as he is much with life. He is a sensual, very physical person, to whom lust is in all probability the most authoritative constituent of his disposition.
  • He thinks as highly of his body as he does of the next meal or the next bath. He loves the pleasures and luxuries of life and is essentially an implacable part of the earth.
  • The Taurus man has the sagacity of immovability and this is why he seldom begins or puts an end to a relationship. He can enjoy the pleasure of sex with many women, of course, but to him, a relationship is something much more serious than that.




Taurus man traits are combination of sensuality and stability with sensibility. Though it is a feminine sign, the men born under it can be exceedingly attractive, handsome to a degree that one could call beautiful. They are slow moving and seem sensually inviting. Their passive quality is sweetly enticing. It is as though they are waiting to be seduced.


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