Taurus Man In Bed

Taurus Man In Bed Taurus Man In Bed

If nature didn’t endow you with a very strong sexuality, don’t get involved with a Taurus man in bed - you might not cope with it.


This man’s quite seething sexuality, once unleashed on an unsuspecting female who decides to consider him as her partner, can be quite overtly bestial.


He has this devil-may-care attitude to sex...he has the inherent capability to go all night long, if given the chance.

Satisfaction With A Taurus Man In Bed


It’s a definite turn on for a Taurus man if his partner is a little aggressive and open to role playing. The truth is; there is nothing sexier for a Taurus man in bed than a woman who expresses her pleasure. Nothing turns him on more—nothing—than knowing that he is pleasing you.


How to have a wonderful experience with a Taurus Man


Confidence and Open Communication


Openness, honest communication and being fully yourself while making love is what makes a really great sexual encounter with a Taurus man. He wants a woman who is comfortable in expressing herself in bed and communicating what she wants…so that he can fulfill them.


Nurturing and Uplifting Experience


Actually, a Taurus man in bed want to feel connected, felt and in complete balance with the give and take. Not to have awkwardness, but to have a solid nurturing and uplifting experience that brings each other closer. He wants to feel safe to explore each others’ vulnerable sides and to reach new levels of joy and bliss together.


Guide Him


Show your Taurus man how you want him to touch you and turn you on…like you feel he is the only man for you. Show him the body parts you love. Show how they feel against him in bed. Don’t fake it but if he is making you feel good let him know.




Spontaneity is sure to turn him on….mix of romance and dirty talk. A combination of safe connection, appreciation of each other and the playfulness of saying what you want to do or what you want him to do to you. A woman confident enough to do that is one a Taurus man feels the deepest connection to.




Don’t try to play the "I want you, I don’t want you anymore" game with a Taurus man in bed, his practical sense might direct him to something more available. He wants to be with a woman who enjoys intimacy and sex as much as he does. He wants someone who can just relax and have fun.


Whether it’s a quickie or an all night session, he wants to lie in bed afterwards with you and smile.


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