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Part of the mission of allaboutaurus.com is to provide detailed information about Taurus man; below are frequently asked questions about Taurus man:


The following are some frequently asked questions about the Taurus man:


  1. What is Taurus man in love signs?
  2. Explain Taurus man love?
  3. What it means loving a Taurus man?
  4. What type of a woman does a Taurus man like?
  5. What attracts a Taurus man?
  6. What do Taurus men like?
  7. What does a Taurus male like in a woman?
  8. Are Taurus men players?
  9. Is it true Taurus men like to dominate a relationship?

What is Taurus man in love signs?




Looking at Taurus man in love signs, he will be very romantic, sensual and affectionate, but sometimes reaches the extreme of becoming possessive, suffocating his partner. He will want to be close to a love one and be touched.


Actually, an important notable sign of a Taurus man in love can be seen when he makes love with a loved one, it seem the most physical and natural pleasure in the whole world. Remember, sex is never a power game for a Taurus man; it is something very natural to be enjoyed.


Explain Taurus man love?




Explaining Taurus man love, the fact is; a binding commitment is synonymous with love to a Taurus man. He will go to any extremes to keep a loved one happy. No sacrifice will be too great in accomplishment of that goal. It truly takes a great deal to anger a Taurus man in love, but disloyalty will usually prove to be the ultimate factor. He is slow to attach and equally as slow to detach.


More than any, Taurus man has a strong sex drive. It been thought perhaps he make an art of lovemaking. His touch is tender and gentle. He has huge sexual appetite. An active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership.


Here summary of positive and negative aspect of Taurus man love:


Positive aspects of Taurus Man Love

  • Loyalty
  • Dedication
  • Generosity
  • Protectiveness
  • Caring
  • Doting
  • Understanding
  • Stability

Negative Aspects of Taurus in Love includes:

  • Jealousy
  • Possessive
  • Controlling
  • Immobile
  • Overly Serious

What it means loving a Taurus man?




Loving a Taurus man means being lavish in affections for Taurus man desires abundance of affection...wanting to be loved and cherished. He adores the most traditional forms of courtship. He adores being wooed and romanced. In short, if you can make a Taurus man feel comfortable, you are demonstrating love...at least in the eyes of the Taurus man.


What type of a woman does a Taurus man like?




A Taurus man likes a woman who will be open to uncensored display of affection…..and return his admiration and flirtation. His ideal woman must have a desire to build a steady, loving home.


She should dress with taste but shouldn’t waste money on trendy fashion. And more importantly, desire consistent “earthy” pleasures.


Actually, Taurus man like a woman he personally finds to look good, sound good in conversations, smell good and can cook good food.


What attracts a Taurus man?




Taurus man is mostly attracted to uncensored display of affection. Always stand up for what you believe in.


In his relationship with a woman, sensuality comes first and the Taurus man will be attracted to a woman he gets along best with from this point of view.


What do Taurus men like?




Taurus men like creature comforts…..in order to operate at maximum...romantically and otherwise. If he knows that you made a special effort to please him, it will bring out the best in him.


Actually, men who fall under the jurisdiction of Taurus adore the wooing process of courting. There is a great appreciation for beauty here and a basic need for any mate to be dependent, since the man ruled by Taurus always like to feel that he is the sole provider of everything...even happiness. Once in a committed union, this man rarely finds domestic life to be tiresome.


He likes to be well fed and any partner must learn to give in when the mood to dominate is on him. In addition, it will be necessary to learn about the branch of art in which he is most interested.


What does a Taurus male like in a woman?




A Taurus male likes a woman who looks attractive. He loves a woman who will be loyal and a good listener. Somebody that will be encouraging about his work projects and of course proves her sensual side.


Hence, show your sensual side, and always check out this dream lover's favorite music and food. Headstrong Bulls are most comfortable when they‘re in control, but sometimes a little provocation can bring out their best.


Are Taurus men players?




Taurus men are by nature reliable characters...cheating is rare.  These are the most reliable and faithful of Signs. Though….this is….if they are pleased with the relationship.


Is it true Taurus men like to dominate a relationship?




I was recently asked; is it true Taurus men like to dominate a relationship? I can say for reasons unknown, men ruled by this Sign are often found to possess a decided fear of suffering. This is not so much their own mental or physical suffering, but that of others, and they tend to translate such into seeming callousness. They hate all pain and all mental anguish or weakness that anyone in their world might demonstrate.


The fact is, an average Taurus man must be permitted to have his own way. He will brook little opposition...even from a family member, close friend or mate. On some levels, his motto might even be "My way or the highway!"


In essence, if you love Taurus men and will like to maintain a relationship with a Taurus man, then you must learn to give in when the mood to dominate is in him. Provided he is coaxed rather than driven, this man will be relatively easy to manage.


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