Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You

Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You

One thing to note is that men born under the influence of Taurus tend to keep their feelings close to heart. Here are some notable signs to watch out….depending on your experiences.


Affection - One noticeable sign that a Taurus man likes you is through feelings of fondness.


He will be very gentle, protective and pleasant towards you. He may even start calling you nicknames like, honey, baby, my angel etc. You communicate quite often. If you call or text he will respond fast. He teases you quite often……and is quite concerned over your good and bad habits. 


Other Notable Signs that a Taurus man likes you


Put simply, he is interested in everything about you.


Being romantic - Another noticeable signs that a Taurus man likes you is through expression of tender emotions.


You may be given flowers every other day, taken to the most romantic place in town and he will like to feel you……and that will make him instinctively feel the need to appraise by fondling.


Watch the eye


For most Taurus men, if they like you, they will ignore you completely. And sometimes if you manage to get close enough to speak to him, he become nonchalant……and try to escape as soon as possible as to not to blow the cover. If you want to know if he really likes you, check the eyes. His eyes won’t lie. He will try to avoid direct eye contact!


Jealous impulse - Another sign to know if a Taurus man likes you is to watch out his jealous feelings or behaviors towards you.


Anytime you are in company of another man, watch his reaction. If he truly likes you he will become quite uncomfortable….you are bound to notice jealous rage. If he does not like you he will remain comfortable.


If you are still unsure of the Signs, make the first move or somehow let him know you like him. If he feel the same way he will show you, and if he don’t he will kindly let you know too. 


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