Moon In Taurus Man

Moon In Taurus Man Moon In Taurus Man

Moon in Taurus man is a positive and practical man. He possesses a sharp artistic sense but is deliberate in reaching decisions.


He tends not to be aggressive but instead, is rather good-natured, accenting the need for security and the necessity of saving for "a rainy day."


However, this man may also be prideful, stubborn and jealous


Here are notable features and characteristics of Moon in Taurus man


  • The concentration and staying power of moon in Taurus man is second to none. Indeed, concentration forms the base of the renowned tendency toward stubbornness associated with this man, in that when he apply his mind to a subject, nothing is likely to distract his attention.
  • A Moon in Taurus man will never jump to conclusions, but once the mind has been made up, it is unlikely that views will be modified. Thus, the Taurus man who falls under the jurisdiction of a Taurus Moon will focus with equal tenacity on work, domestic life and leisure activities.
  • This is a highly conventional person who possesses a great respect for the establishment and status quo. This man prefers to avoid change of any kind, due chiefly to the fact that such men are slow to adjust and dislike being required to do so.
  • Moon in Taurus man makes for a good friend, being inherently honest and loyal by nature. Such individuals enjoy the company of close acquaintances, good food, good music and, in general, what is often referred to as the "good life." These are materialistic souls, but ones with a particular knack for saving and reinvesting.


Patient and calm, Taurus men governed by a Taurus Moon possess a "tongue-in-cheek" diplomacy which is designed to humor any opponent until, in the end, they have their own way. These individuals respect authority...due mainly to the fact that one day; they expect to be in such a position themselves.




This man is a hard-worker who has no objection to starting at the bottom and slowly working his way to the top. Success is usually achieved because any work performed is done well and there is total dependability. Yes….Moon in Taurus man is an individual where the determination and purposeful nature inherent in the Sign of the Bull will be amplified. 


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