How To Get A Taurus Man

How To Get A Taurus Man How To Get A Taurus Man

How to get a Taurus man involves knowing how to make this man feel good. It also involves making him more lively and satisfying. His body desires are to be valued and appreciated for their own sake.


Tender and steady caresses of hand and physical stimulation excite this man. He is much impressed when all his senses are being titillated at the same time. Body contact is very important. Caress the back of his head and his neck.


Brush up on your flirting skills - but don't be too aggressive. You can consequently try to rub off the scent of seduction on this man with mystifying fragrances or by preparing him the meal of his dreams.

Different Ways To Get A Taurus Man


You don’t have to go out of your way to make it. Just keep it simple and yet, earnest. He’ll be impressed!


Be sensual


In his association with a woman, sensuality comes first and Taurus man will be impressed with the woman he gets along best with from this point of view. For this man, satisfaction and contentment come through connecting with that which gives sensual gratification.


Intensity and loyalty


You can actually get a Taurus man by developing emotional intensity to the things he valued so much. This man does not like to be teased. It is best not to start something you are not ready to finish, unless you make the boundaries very clear.


Don't change your moods, your looks, or your attitudes and never try to change him either. Be honest, have respect for his family and yours….more especially have respect for him.


Oral gratification


Taurus is a very personal and pre-moral sign. Its motto might be, “If it feels good, do it,” and “Try it, you’ll like it!” Oral gratification is the first pleasure and Taurus man’ first love is really good food and sweet things. Watch him eat an ice cream cone! There is something almost embarrassingly erotic about it.


When making conversation, avoid talking about your former lovers.


Good and natural ambiance


Nature and its beauty can make this man feel good. Make sure that the atmosphere is romantic and comfortable: dim light, good music, in an undertone, and refined drink. This man loves warm congenial company and tasteful ambiance. If he knows that you made a special effort to please him, it will bring out the best in him.

Stimulate his senses


I can actually say the average Taurus male live through his senses more than most other male in the Zodiac. His first responses are to feel things out the realm of the five senses.

The truth is, sensitivity of an average Taurus male is something more than sexual desire, and it can be seen in everything pertaining to matters of the heart. It includes:

  • Smells and touch
  • Expressions and choice of clothes.

He will be impressed to be informed with regard to most family matters. He actually likes to be consulted and his opinion heard in most matters. Simply stated, Taurus man will be impressed to possess the mind of his beloved.


Don’t push him!


Don’t push him when he is working at his own time or accuse him of being lazy. Just tease him a little and reassure him that he is your number one man, and his passion will burn even brighter for you.


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