Taurus Man Personality

Taurus Man Personality Taurus Man Personality


Understanding the Taurus man personality can be a difficult task. He isn't a wild dreamer like the Aquarian man.


This man will never sweep you off your feet like a Leo, or promise to take you floating away to live with him in a fairy castle like an Aries.


He may not be the most passionate of men; but he is certainly much deeper than he allows you to know.


All About Taurus Man Personality


Here are ways you can gain insight into the true personality of a Taurus man:


Understanding his personality

Understanding his relationship with friends and Lovers

Understanding his romantic style

Understanding his professional life


Now, let’s look at detailed ways of understanding the Taurus man:


Understanding the Taurus man Personality


A Taurus man comes across as a very calm, quiet, practical, composed, humble as well as levelheaded person. He possesses basic understanding of life and what it is all about in practical terms. It should be noted that while some of his traits may create the impression of a dull individual, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a kind, tolerant and helpful man...and one who is usually quite handsome into the bargain.


Ambitious to establish himself, his worldly success frequently leads him toward ever-higher social circles. There is a great appreciation for beauty here and a basic need for any mate to be dependent, since the man ruled by Taurus always like to feel that he is the sole provider of everything...even happiness. Once in a committed union, this man rarely finds domestic life to be tiresome. He will never again seek the bachelor existence or even once regret the loss of a liberty that he never counted as precious.

Understanding the Taurus man Relationships


Blessed with strong willpower and ability to commit, Taurus man adores the wooing process of courting. He seldom rushes into a relationship. But once committed, it usually proved to be a solid union. Actually, Taurus man will take time to decide whether you are the person with whom he can spend his entire life with. However, if he makes up his mind that you are the one for him, he will go to any lengths to win your heart.


His affairs is such that is always protective of his loved ones….and will be very gentle and pleasant towards them. When in love, he is very romantic…..and will express the same with small little gestures. Although this man is well known for the wisdom on things he spends his money with, he will show his feelings not only by means of words and gestures, but presents too.


However, the inherent stubborn streak associated with this Sign often brings trouble to a union and learning to give in is the hardest lesson for the Taurus man. Actually, this is the most worthwhile lesson that this man can learn during the development of his emotional life.


Understanding the Taurus man Romantic style


He is not particularly skillful at telling a loved one how he feels, preferring instead to show his affection in the things that he does and provided he is coaxed rather than driven, this man will be relatively easy to manage. The attitude toward romantic interludes here is somewhat reticent. He will never be the most passionate of males, but he is certainly deeper than he allows others to know.


On occasion, the Taurus man has been described as being rather immoral. While it is true that from time-to-time there may be bullish tendency to satisfy the intense physical urge that is potent in this man, he is so devoted when in a long-term relationship...so dependable, kind and generous...that the violence of his emotional nature needs to be overlooked. He will never neglect the home or family for an outside interest which, when it does intrude, will almost assuredly be extremely transitory and fleeting. This is a man who will work hard to provide the best home, education, clothes and amusements for those he loves.


Understanding the Taurus man Professional life


The Taurus male likes a job where there is an end product...a definite purpose in view and a profit in which he can share. When it comes to the art of making money, men ruled by Taurus are truly gifted in this area.


Despite the fact that he is known to work very hard for the good things of life. He will at the same time, find enjoyment in the more simple pleasures…a beautiful sunset or a good book, for example. Hence, love of money will not necessary govern the live of this man


Taurus Man Likes



Being Attracted

Things Natural

Time to Ponder

Comfort and Pleasure


Taurus Man Dislikes



Being pushed too hard

Synthetic or "man made" things

Being rushed

Being indoors 


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