Taurus Man Leo Woman


Although Taurus man Leo woman pair can work together quite nicely, it is not a garden of roses for these two. Both are stubborn individuals who must work hard to understand and accept one another.


Looking at it, both partners will be ambitious, but in quite different ways. Leo woman yearns for fame and fortune...Taurus man strives for security and stability in life and in love.


Unfortunately, both expect to assume the position of leader in a relationship and the tendency to battle for domination is likely.


But because there is so much mutual admiration, an infatuation may begin the moment these two become acquainted and could very well lead to a commitment of some longevity. The Leo woman will have great admiration for the ability of Taurus man in terms of handling finances and he will also admire the effortless sophistication displayed by Taurus man.


Positive and Negative features of Taurus man and Leo woman Love Compatibility


Positive Features of Taurus man Leo woman Love Relationships


  • Taurus man may not be able to help but fall in love with Leo woman for the strength, warmth; generosity and bearing associated with this woman is impressive indeed.
  • Leo woman and Taurus man have an almost overwhelming fondness for status and possessions, placing a high value on comfort and luxury. Leo woman is frequently flamboyant about attentions and gift-giving, which will greatly please the Taurus partner, who adores the most traditional forms of courtship.
  • Both Leo woman and Taurus man possess exceedingly powerful personalities, so neither will be likely to dominate the other...regardless of how hard they might try. Friends and family may well consider this pair an excellent union since they share the commitment of fulfilling their goals.


Negative Features of Taurus man and Leo woman  Love Compatibility


  • Battles between these two could be epic in proportion. 
  • At times, the Taurus partner may feel that Leo woman is too sure of his standing and in fact, Leo woman may take the Taurus man for granted. In addition, Leo women are prone to exhibit an overbearing and demanding attitude...to say nothing of possessing dogmatic ways.
  • Each partner will be stubborn and once the mind is made up, it will take a lot to effectuate a change of attitude. This is why any argument between them can become so intense...both truly believes they are correct and that their way is the only right way to address an issue.



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