Taurus Sexuality

Taurus Sexuality Taurus Sexuality


Taurus is the sign of fundamental sexuality. It represents the basic drive to pleasure the body. To a Taurus, sex is a good, basic pleasure to enjoy as part of a deep and erotic relationship.


Indeed, Taurus quite seething sexuality, once unleashed on an unsuspecting partner can be quite overtly bestial.


Yes…Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. It been thought perhaps Taureans make an art of lovemaking. Their touch is tender and gentle. They have huge sexual appetite and their sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated.


More About Taurus Sexuality


An active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership.


Here are notable features of Taurus sexuality:


  • Taurus is the essential stamina Sign of the Zodiac and those who fall under its jurisdiction love to go all day, all night and all the following day. Its energy and sexual drive originates from all that natural organic goodness.
  • The placid Bull needs gentle handling, both emotionally and sexually. Tender and steady caresses of hand and physical stimulation excite Taurus lover.
  • Easily aroused and highly sexual, Taurus individuals are happiest when having sex in their own bed or in natural surroundings that are comfortable.
  • Also, these individuals enjoy having all their senses being titillated at the same time. Body contact is important hence, they cherish hugs, kisses and caresses.
  • Taurus native does not like to be teased. It is best not to start something you are not ready to finish, unless you make the boundaries very clear. Don't change your moods, your looks, or your attitudes and never try to change him either.



Taurus really is the sex fiend of the zodiac. When a typical Taurus individual makes love, it seem the most physical and natural pleasure in the whole world. Remember, sex is never a power game for a Taurus native; it is something very natural to be enjoyed.


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