Taurus Romantic Profile

Taurus Romantic Profile Taurus Romantic Profile

Taurus natives can be described as creatures of enormous sensuality. Being an Earth Sign ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive.


If you are quite familiar with most people born under Taurus, you will discover that an active sex life is part of any partnership. These bring us to romantic profile on Taurus.


Though, most Taurus natives may appear dull to you. However, Taurus bustling sexuality, once unleashed on an unsuspecting partner, can be quite fascinating.

Detailed Taurus Person's Romantic Profile


Taurus romantic profile summarizes Taurus basic drive to pleasure the body. Tender and steady caresses of hand and physical stimulation excite this native most. Often happy in their bed or in natural surrounding that is quite comfortable.


You should note that this is an Earth sign whose energy and sexual drive originates from natural organic goodness.


Let’s examine romantic profile of Taurus man and Taurus woman:


Taurus Man Romantic Profile


Though it is a feminine sign, most men born under it can be exceedingly attractive, handsome to a degree that one could call beautiful. They are slow moving and seem sensually inviting. Their passive quality is sweetly enticing. It is as though they are waiting to be seduced. The very fact that you sense they will not “come on” to you and seem non-threatening makes them all the more alluring.


The truth is there are no inhibitions to romantic life of Taurus man. It is a very personal and pre-moral sign. He takes his time and is slow to turn on. It is voluptuousness waiting to be violated. Its motto might be, “If it feels good, do it,” and “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Taurus Woman Romantic Profile 


Female Taurus draws toward herself those things and circumstances that are necessary for the sustenance of happy romantic life. It represents the attracting force, and magnetizes things into manifestation. It is focused on sensuality and pleasure. It runs on the pleasure-seeking, pain-avoiding dynamic. It likes things nice and easy.


She thinks as highly of her body as she does of the next meal or the next bath. This woman loves the pleasures and luxuries of life and is essentially an implacable part of the earth, intensely sensual, and dependable. She needs gentle handling, both emotionally and sexually. Sex is a good, basic pleasure which she enjoys as part of a deep and erotic relationship.


The trouble is she is often very blind to her compatibility ratings. Usually lured by, and hopelessly attracted to, Fire and Air signs. She is innocently receptive and sensual, thus vulnerable to temptation.




In general, Taurus romantic profile shows its natives have passionate nature and a strong sex drive. Their sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated.


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