How To Win A Taurus Heart

How To Win A Taurus Heart How To Win A Taurus Heart

How to win a Taurus heart is to always be encouraging about Taurus individuals works and projects.  


Show you have a sensual side.


Truly, a Taurus partner is sensual partner who requires lots of “hands-on” expression of love.


Indeed Taurus natives live through his or her senses more than most. You must learn to give in when the mood to dominate is on.


Below are notable ways you can win a Taurus heart:


Reliability and appreciation of good things of life will surely win a Taurus heart.


As much as you want to win a Taurus heart, your unreliability.......lack of appreciation for the simple things in life will definitely turn him off. Be very concerned of your skin, make sure it is supple and silky. He likes his mate to look attractive. Put on cultured fabrics, made of natural fabrics. Have great appreciation for beauty and most things the earth have to offer....good food, good wine and natural clean environment.


You can also win a Taurus heart by making him or her feel safe.


Making Taurus feel safe is a very smart strategy for this approach will bring out the Bull’s most sensual self.If you happen to be together, make sure the ambiance is a romantic, calm and comfortable…dim light, good soothing music, in an undertone, and refined drink….possibly wine. During conversation, avoid talking about your former lovers.


Being practical will also win a Taurus heart


Taurus craves someone who is strong and practical…..qualities he values in his own life. He delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers, pleasing melodies, and so forth.


Actually, you can win a Taurus heart with mystifying fragrances or by preparing him the meal of his dreams……you don’t have to go out of your way to make it. Just keep it simple and yet, earnest. He will love it.




Always be simple and natural…you will win a Taurus heart!


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