Compatible Signs For A Taurus

Compatible Signs For Taurus Compatible Signs For Taurus


Compatible sign for a Taurus are people born under the signs Capricorn, Virgo and with the same sign, Taurus. Taurus can also be matched with those born under Pisces and Cancer.


Taurus and Leo are both stubborn hence will have difficulties understanding one another.


With Aquarius, they have different perspectives and usually develop complicated relationships with Scorpios.

Detailed Compatible Zodiac Signs For A Taurus


Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces and Cancer as compatible signs for a Taurus


Qualities that make Capricorn compatible to a Taurus


The Capricorn partner will want to share all of the Taurus individual's worries and fears, which the keen senses of Capricorn quickly detect. Courtesy of a natural empathy existing between these two Signs, each is more than capable of understanding the other's feelings, depressions and sense of humor. Also, being on the quiet side, the Capricorn native will make a good companion for the home-loving Taurus partner and if satisfaction is experienced in the domestic arena, then a Taurus Capricorn union could be inseparable.


Qualities that make Virgo compatible sign for a Taurus


Disagreements between these two Signs will be few and far between since both have a strong practical side to their natures. In addition, these individuals share a logical mind and sharp financial ability. Since Taurus loves an abundance of attention and Virgo loves fussing over someone he or she adores, this could be a most satisfying relationship for both partners. Each native here is fond of children and the home. Thus these things will play a large part in their lives...demanding and receiving their constant attention.


Qualities that make Taurus compatible with fellow Taurus


Each possess an in-born need to express personal feelings and will constantly strive to convey their emotions and love to one another. They will enjoy doing things together and share many of the same interests. Also, the physical aspect of this combination will be satisfying, resulting in a pair of individuals who spend half their lives cooking the kitchen and the other half frolicking in a romantic setting.


The physical aspect of this match is important but relatively straightforward.


Qualities that make Pisces compatible to Taurus


In a romantically physical sense, the Pisces individual will be very sensitive to all the nuances of the desires associated with Taurus and will try very hard to keep the Taurus partner happy. However, if any failure on the part of Pisces to do this brings about the criticism of Taurus, then Pisces will soon be looking for a new mate.


Qualities that make Cancer compatible to Taurus


These pair shares a mutual strength in terms of domestic impulses and will devote much time and effort to a home and children. The Taurus partner will never have to worry about being taken for granted by the quiet and moody Cancer native. Being a dreamer by nature, Cancer is sure to place Taurus on a pedestal and always expect nothing less than perfection. Consequently, when the flaws begin to show, Cancer will become disappointed and retreat into his or her infamous shell.




In affairs of the heart, Taurus natives are very discriminating but completely giving once committed. Knowledge of the ways associated with those governed by Taurus and encouragement to slowly but surely accept any changes will assure a relationship of moving forward and remaining vibrant.


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