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The following are frequently asked questions about Taurus love and Compatibility:


  1. Are Taurus Leos compatible?
  2. Can Pisces and Taurus get along?
  3. Are there good Leo Taurus relationships?
  4. Is Aries compatible with Taurus?
  5. Are Scorpio Taurus compatible signs of the zodiac


Are Taurus Leos compatible?




Taurus Leos are actually compatible though Leo's more social nature may clash with Taurus' possessive nature, bringing about much strain unto the relationship. Because there is so much mutual admiration between this pair, an infatuation may begin the moment these two become acquainted and could very well lead to a commitment of some longevity


Basically, this combination can result in a magnificent pairing because each knows how to stroke the other's ego and each loves to have his or her ego stroked. In addition, their needs are similar.


Although Taurus and Leos can work together quite nicely, it is not a garden of roses for these two. Both are stubborn individuals who must work hard to understand and accept one another.


Can Pisces and Taurus get along?




Pisces and Taurus can get along. Initially, the Pisces native may seem very adaptable, casual and totally at ease in complying with every wish of the Taurus partner. This is likely the attitude that will hook Taurus and bring the pair together in the beginning. However, the Taurus native is in for a rude awakening when he or she discovers that Pisces wants one thing one minute and something completely different the next.


Native of Taurus like to have the people they know look up to them, but Pisces embraces no such ideas. In short, those governed by Pisces are indifferent to anyone's opinion, other than their own...still; there will be occasions when the Taurus individual will find that Pisces is actually dependent on him or her.


In a romantically physical sense, Pisces and Taurus can also get along the Pisces individual will be very sensitive to all the nuances of the desires associated with Taurus and will try very hard to keep the Taurus partner happy. However, if any failure on the part of Pisces to do this brings about the criticism of Taurus, then Pisces will soon be looking for a new mate. This could be a good working match, provided the Taurus native is not looking for...or expecting...a partner who possesses a great deal of strength.


Are there good Leo Taurus relationships?




Taurus and Leo are capable of making a good relationship but Leo will likely expect the Taurus partner to stay home rather than pursue a career. Unfortunately, this will not sit well with those ruled by Taurus.


Problems may also arise if the Taurus partner believes Leo should do something to cultivate emotional compatibility...or if the Leo partner shows a lack of concern for the feelings and/or emotional needs of Taurus. If this attitude is carried over into the romantic arena, then the Leo partner will probably meet with a very cold shoulder, causing much distress to the fiery and amorous Leo native.


In order to achieve even good Leo Taurus relationship, each partner in this relationship must strive to keep the physical activity between them alive and well. Basically, good Leo Taurus relationship can result in a magnificent pairing because each knows how to stroke the other's ego and each loves to have his or her ego stroked.


Is Aries compatible with Taurus?




Initially, Aries compatibility with Taurus appears to be an excellent match. However, a long lasting relationship is probably not very likely. The calm and logical Taurus partner will soon drive the more active and fun-seeking Aries partner out of his or her mind.


The Taurus native does possess many good points and can bring much to a relationship...but probably not compatible with Aries, who can be fickle if the Taurus nature causes him or her to feel confined or stifled. This will drive away an Aries individual as quickly as he or she was initially attracted.


Aries Taurus relationship will be something of a shaky union unless Taurus can manage to calm the inherent Aries characteristics.


Are Scorpio Taurus compatible signs of the zodiac




Actually, Scorpion Taurus Signs compatibility issues are always treated as non-compatible issues. Theirs is such that swing between passionate romance and passionate misunderstanding.


I can say truly there is more in common here. Both Scorpion and Taurus are powerful personalities…..both possess deep desires. Scorpion is known for power while Taurus is known for possession. Both are security conscious….and family oriented….and this may be all that can make Scorpion Taurus compatible issue a workable proposition.


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