Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility Cancer and Taurus Love

The facts is Taurus and Cancer love compatibility data shows their love partnership has an excellent chance of being a happy union.


This is courtesy of the mutual fondness for security and the comforts of home.


In short, there’s is often found the ideal family that those governed by other Signs of the Zodiac strive to attain.


I mean….this will be a union that is family-oriented rather than directed toward the outside world. The only major problems likely to arise are if the Taurus partner insists on having his or her own way and Cancer responds by sulking.


Thus, it is important that the Taurus native understand Cancer's emotional sensitivity. In turn, the Cancer partner needs to rely on open and honest communication instead of resorting to emotional blackmail.


Various considerations on Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility


Influence of Taurus and Cancer Ruling Planets


Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and Cancer are ruled by the Moon.


Both these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Cancer often keeps emotions bottled up and simmering inside, which can lead to the occasional boil-over and this is probably why Cancer is so attracted to the open, honest and unafraid nature associated with those governed by Taurus.


Influence of Taurus and Cancer Governing Elements


Taurus is governed by the element of Earth while Cancer is governed by the element of Water.


Earth and Water are basically compatible as tangible, physical energies. Influenced by Water, Cancer is born to nurture those Signs ruled by Earth...akin to manner in which rain nurtures the soil and helps crops to grow. In turn, Taurus has a more stable view of life and is less prone to emotional turmoil. Hence, in love compatibility for Taurus and Cancer, Taurus can help Cancer stabilize tumultuous feelings. Still, both Signs need to be careful in this relationship. The Taurus partner may tire of Cancer's mood swings, causing the Cancer partner to believe that Taurus is insensitive to his or her needs.


Influence of Taurus and Cancer Zodiac Qualities


Taurus is Fixed in quality and Cancer is Cardinal.


The habits of Taurus are well-nigh rigid and an opinion once formed will not be changed. This can provide the Cancer native with an emotional rock since Taurus is totally dedicated to the relationship. In return, the Cancer individual can bring new inspiration to the union, beginning new projects that Taurus will undoubtedly enjoy taking over at a later point in time.




In essence, this combination (Taurus and Cancer love compatibility) is a very favorable match. Cancer likes a good home with much affection and this is exactly what Taurus hopes to find when embarking upon a relationship.


On the emotional side, there is nothing to stop the prospect of a happy and long term union between this pair. However, it is important that the Taurus partner remember that Cancer is very sensitive and is prone to close within self if emotionally unhappy.


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