Aries Taurus Cusps

Born April 19 to April 26


Traits of people at Aries Taurus cusp can be both constructive and destructive. The constructive side of this blend displays a harnessing of energy to support and promote domestic existence. The "down" side of this cusp demonstrates itself in burnout. The practical aspects of creating life here on Earth can stifle or even obliterate the inspiration inherent in this combination.


Brief Traits of people born of Aries Taurus Cusps


  • Possess the fiery forwardness and willfulness inherent in Aries
  • Possess the practicality, endurance and nurturing inherent in Taurus
  • Has a markedly dominant personality
  • Becomes very uncomfortable if forced to submit to the control of another
  • Highly strategic in thought and action
  • In no hurry to see results
  • Expert in thorough and painstaking preparation
  • Reluctant to allow things to happen as they will
  • Somewhat insensitive to the feelings of others

Detailed Traits of People Born at Aries Taurus Cusps


The self-esteem found in this cusp combination is exceeded only by the urge for self-gratification, which will invariably make its subjects unreasonable and overbearing unless self-control is developed.


Actually, the inherent traits of people at Aries Taurus cusp are somewhat headstrong and often quite violent. These are generous individuals who are broad and extremely practical in their ways, but their natures are so dominant that they frequently find it rather difficult to work well under others.


Liberally endowed with originality and executive ability, the possibilities that lie within the paths of these cuspians truly is quite wonderful. They are strong, very confident and exceedingly determined souls who possess unlimited faith in their own knowledge.


These are individuals who constantly and freely give advice to those around them...relatives or friends. There is also a strong magnetic personality here which makes these natives very persuasive, so much so that the advice given is often difficult to decline or resist. Yet, at the same time, they themselves are among the last to accept advice from others.


Indeed, people at Aries Taurus cusps might well be considered strong-headed and persistent in their undertakings, often utterly heedless of any form of advisement regardless of how great the expense involved or how deep and true the knowledge of those who would offer well-intended suggestions and gentle criticisms.


Aries Taurus cusps persons possess excellent taste in all things and absolutely delight in the pleasures of food. They also find much enjoyment in displaying evidence of their thoughtfulness to friends by way of gifts and throwing dinner parties, etc. There is also immense fondness here for children.


Above all, they have a superb sense of timing and the talent to know when and when not to act. At an initial meeting, Aries Taurus cusps individuals frequently impress others as being quiet and self-assured...people who know how to watch and wait.


Indeed, people at Aries Taurus cusp make for formidable enemies and capable work colleagues. Their approach to work is highly professional and those involved in any relationship with these cuspians will need to understand that a career will always be at least as important. Others can benefit tremendously from an association with Aries/Taurus natives for they emit a powerful presence and sense of capability.


Aries Taurus cusps are generous characters...but on their own terms. They have persistence traits to give only when it suits them and are equally capable of taking back not only their gifts but also their affection. However, this is rarely done out of capriciousness or malice but because they feel their gifts have gone unappreciated or were undeserved.


Love appears to have an undeniable softening effect on Aries Taurus cusps individuals. Although they may take and discard partners when it pleases them, they really do fare best upon a steady stream of love from one special person...particularly when such love is accompanied by unconditional giving on their part. Indeed, this may well be the closest an Aries/Taurus cuspian will ever come to true selflessness.


With regard to relationships, people at Aries Taurus cusps are always able to make their presence felt in their interactions with others regardless of the circumstances. These are big people, capable of prodigious mistakes as well as sparkling success and they usually leave little doubt about where they stand. These are individuals who tend to choose rather than be chosen and once the sights have been fixed upon a partner, the matter is usually settled


Perhaps the greatest traits of people at Aries Taurus cusps are to be found in their energy, initiative and courage. Their ability to take a project and "run with it" is virtually unparalleled by any other cusp combination of the Zodiac. Their more earthy side encourages stability and perseverance while methodical determination enables them to be productive when others have long since "given up the ghost."


Indeed, this particular combination of fire and earth makes the Aries Taurus cusps one of the most dynamic, stable and passionate characters of the entire Zodiac.


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