Taurus Gemini Cusps


Taurus Gemini cusp combinations (also known as the Cusp of Energy) correspond symbolically to the period of human life at around the age of fourteen. The firm-set Taurus nature here (which is controlled by the Planet Venus) acts as a counter-balance to the activity of Mercury (the Planet which rules Gemini) with its quick and mercurial ways.


Brief features of Taurus Gemini Cusps Personalities


  • Possess the earthy physical traits inherent in Taurus
  • Possess the airy activities of thought, communication, nervous excitement and energetic movement inherent in Gemini
  • Energetic, convincing and prolific
  • Tendency toward over-indulgence in things that they like
  • Prone to wear themselves out
  • Find it difficult to set limits on themselves
  • Thrive on verbal interchange...and are talented in that area
  • Prone to "come on too strong"
  • Reluctant to confront fears and insecurities
  • Versatile

Because of the Gemini character, the desire to try new things is in the ascendant, but there is an inherent reluctance to relinquish the old...a carry-over from Taurus. This factor’s greatly in stability.


However, an excess of this trait can hamper the Gemini nature and may result in an attempt to do two things at once...usually to the detriment of both. It can also make these cuspians stubborn about lesser things, even when they know little about them.


Self-control is strongly needed in this blend and, once acquired, will enable these individuals to correct yet another aspect often lacking in this particular cusp combination...that being concentration, which is essential to this highly adaptable but somewhat contradictory Zodiac type. 



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