Characteristics of Aries Taurus Cusp


Nevertheless, these individuals usually possess the ability of being able to pursue their goals without inciting antagonism in those around them since others others find it easier and more advantageous to agree with the powerfully persuasive Aries/Taurus cuspian rather than disagree. Whether it takes a long time or short time to achieve their ends matters little to these individuals provided they eventually arrive.


Here are notable characteristics of Aries Taurus Cusp individuals:


Aries Taurus cusps natives often strive for power


Actually Aries Taurus cusp natives strive for power in their daily lives, but the fiery and dynamic Aries character is tempered and grounded courtesy of the solid earthiness of Taurus. Thus, the undeniable trademark of these cusps persons tends to be a preoccupation with power and their birthright is perceived as nothing less than the very best that life has to offer.


Possess superb sense of timing and the talent to know when and when not to act


Above all, they have a superb sense of timing and the talent to know when and when not to act.


At an initial meeting, these cuspians frequently impress others as being quiet and self-assured...people who know how to watch and wait. Indeed, Aries Taurus cusp subjects refuse to waste time in proving anything to anyone. They would rather confidently hang back and preserve their energy for when it really counts. Thus, they make for formidable enemies and capable work colleagues.


Well aware of the value of money...and also know how to attain it


Aries Taurus cusp individuals are well aware of the value of money...and also know how to attain it. However, the goal here is generally not so much in terms of financial security as a steady cash flow derived from work which will allow for worry-free spending.


In the eyes of those born on the Aries Taurus cusp, financial dependency on another is a liability...these are people who would much rather support themselves and harbor little desire to relinquish personal freedom. Learning to accept financial support (or any type of support for that matter) from family and friends may be difficult for these individuals but, like love, it will take them a step forward in personal development.


May be prone to indolence


Many Aries Taurus cusp natives often secretly yearn to relinquish the daily battles of the world and simply submit totally to fantasy, pleasure, sheer laziness or perhaps another individual. Although this is virtually impossible for such cuspians to accomplish for very long, it is often a comforting thought in their hard-driving approach to daily life...a notion which may get them through many a difficult day.


Indeed, those governed by this cusp combination tend to do best when they can "empty themselves out" from time-to-time (through sleep, massage, meditation or a vacation, for example) and allow themselves the opportunity to "recharge."


Apt to play as hard as they work


In their leisure time, Aries Taurus cusp individuals are apt to play as hard as they work. Any activity of an athletic nature will be greatly enjoyed since sports provide a positive and healthy outlet for some of the natural aggression associated with this cusp combination. Both individual challenge (aerobics, for example) as well as the group challenge of such sports as football and soccer will be greatly appreciated.


Aries Taurus cusp subjects also enjoy outdoor activities which allow them to get close to the earth (hiking, for instance). Indeed, these individuals could easily become expert rock climbers or kayakers or skiers...inherent intense activity and drive channeled through a great love and respect for the natural beauty of the outdoors is often apparent in this cusp combination. Conversely, the appreciation of art and culture here will also send these cuspians off to the opera and exclusive galleries.


Possess energy, initiative and courage


Perhaps the greatest strengths of Aries Taurus cusp natives is to be found in their energy, initiative and courage. Their ability to take a project and "run with it" is virtually unparalleled by any other cusp combination of the Zodiac. Their more earthy side encourages stability and perseverance while methodical determination enables them to be productive when others have long since "given up the ghost."


Indeed, this particular combination of fire and earth makes the Aries Taurus cusps personality one of the most dynamic, stable and passionate characters of the entire Zodiac.


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