Taurus Girls

Taurus Girls Taurus Girls

Taurus girls will probably be very fond of primping and posing before the mirror. Label-conscious young ladies when it comes to clothes.


They may well have penchant for choker necklaces since Taurus rules the neck and throat. Any money they accumulate will doubtless be spent at the mall and these girls can be somewhat self-indulgent at times.


Here, the appreciation for sweets and luxuries could easily result in over-indulgence and stomach aches. Still, Taurus girls are practical and stable young ladies who are extremely patient and dependable when it relates to personal goals.

Notable Features of Taurus Girl Personality


Sense of ambition and a tendency to be rather stubborn


Their sense of ambition will ensure that they are both hard-working and helpful to others. With a tendency to be rather stubborn, Taurus girls certainly hold fixed opinions and are generally determined to achieve any set goals. 


Have no problem following through and completing projects


These girls have no problem following through and completing projects that others may have found too difficult or boring.


Even-tempered, agreeable and full of joy


The Ruling Planet of Venus, associated with love, peace and beauty, usually makes Taurus girls even-tempered, agreeable and full of joy. However, they can on occasion be stubborn, particularly when their desires or wishes are thwarted.




Since Taurus is one of the three Earth Signs (together with Virgo and Capricorn), any girl governed by this element needs to be taught while very young to overcome bouts of depression and feelings of inadequacy that she is bound to experience from time-to-time. Taurus girls should be encouraged to laugh things off during such circumstances, rather than taking everything to heart so seriously.


The gift of Taurus girls is the ability to calm, soothe and find comfort for others.


Positive Qualities of Taurus Girls


- Patience

- Warm Heart

- Common Sense

– Determination


Negative Qualities of Taurus Girls


- Indulgence

- Possessiveness

- Stubbornness

– Greed


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