Taurus Child Parents Relationship

Taurus Child Parents Relationship Taurus Child Parents Relationship

The Ruling Planet of Venus, associated with love, peace and beauty, usually makes the children of Taurus even-tempered, agreeable and full of joy. However, they can on occasion be stubborn, particularly when their desires or wishes are thwarted.


Since Taurus is one of the three Earth Signs (together with Virgo and Capricorn), any child governed by this element needs to be taught while very young to overcome bouts of depression and feelings of inadequacy that he or she is bound to experience from time-to-time.


Earth children should be encouraged to laugh things off during such circumstances, rather than taking everything to heart so seriously. Solitude is also very apparent with the children of Earth and they often need to be somewhat pushed in the direction of making friends.


Details of Taurus Child Parents Relationships


Far-thinkers, these little ones will begin planning their careers while still quite young. Surprisingly, such a career frequently turns out to be exactly what the child had planned. The gift of a Taurus child is the ability to calm, soothe and find comfort for others.


Taurus Childhood Stages


Aries Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


Natives of Aries tend to go too fast...natives of Taurus tend to be somewhat slow. Therefore, with some effort from both sides, this combination should be able to find a common ground. Since the Taurus child refuses to be rushed and is inherently stubborn, such behavior may leave the Aries parent fuming, screaming and engaged in shouting, all of which will be totally ignored by the little Taurus. In other words, there could be something of a battle of wills concerning this relationship, since both are very strong characters whose wills are exerted in very different ways.


Nevertheless, the Aries parent will provide much enthusiasm and energy to the Taurus child and Aries' love of the arts could do much to encourage the development of any skills the little Taurus might possess in this field.


Taurus Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


With two headstrong individuals in one household, this combination is sure to create at least a few problems, particularly if there happens to be a conflict of interests. Nevertheless, this parent and child will share a mutual appreciation for the finer things of life. Good food, music and the general comforts of a nice home will go a long way toward ensuring a congenial domestic atmosphere. The love of luxury inherent in the Taurus child will be enhanced and encouraged within this relationship.


Although the Taurus parent will need to guard against stagnation and/or becoming too set in his or her ways, the inevitable rebellious adolescent phase of a Taurus child will be sure to result in a healthy shake-up of any adult complacency.


Gemini Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


The flirty and flighty Gemini adult in this relationship, coupled with the accompanying hectic social schedule, may prove somewhat unsettling to any peace-loving Taurus child. The little Taurus craves comfort and security with few interruptions. However, any home run by a Gemini is sure to be filled with callers and weekend guests. Nonetheless, beneath his or her stubborn exterior, the little Taurus does find enjoyment in the company of others and takes great pleasure in the fine food and extravagant gifts often associated with the "social whirl" of his or her Gemini parent.


It is beneficial to the young Taurus to learn how to mingle and natives of Gemini have perfected this social grace. In return, the Taurus child can provide the unsettled Gemini parent with a solid ground to return home to after all the guests have departed.


Cancer Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


In this relationship, the Taurus child will fully appreciate the ability of his or her Cancer parent to create a secure and safe home environment. It is natural for Cancer and Taurus to thrive in such circumstances. The child here will soak up all the love and attention heaped upon him or her by the Cancer parent. Such an upbringing is likely to result in a strong and solid character...a child who will work from an early age to build a similar type of domestic security later in life.


This combination will invariably make for a lasting relationship between two kindred spirits...the Cancer parent and Taurus child will probably always remain close to each other.


Leo Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


The Leo parent will be a strong individual who can easily provide a confident role model for any Taurus offspring to emulate. Young Taurus will need such inspiration and be thus encouraged to work even longer and harder to achieve personal goals. Since Leo is somewhat well-known as the Leader of the Zodiac, such natives expect everyone to automatically follow their rules and regulations. This could lead to problems with the Taurus child, who will only take "so much" before the "heels go down and the horns go up." Eventually, the legendary temper of Taurus is sure to emerge and it will be necessary for the Leo parent to learn that the best way to reach this child is through encouragement and appreciation, given that any other approach is destined to meet with resistance.


However, since Leo subjects are also well-known for their generous spirit, any offspring will be showered with all manner of gifts and little Taurus...being the most materialistic child of the Zodiac...will greatly appreciate the many luxuries provided by a Leo parent.


Virgo Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


Virgo and Taurus are two of the hardest workers to be found in the Zodiac. The Virgo parent will set an industrious precedent for his or her Taurus child...one which little Taurus will want to emulate. Action which is careful, methodical and constant is important to Virgo and, being of a similar nature, any Taurus child will both respect and admire his or her busy parent. Since both are governed by the element of earth, there should be an abundance of domestic harmony.


Virgo individuals are by nature proficient in arts and crafts, thus encouraging the creative talents of little Taurus and providing all opportunities necessary for the child to develop artistic skills.


Libra Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


In this combination, both parent and child share the ruling planet of Venus. Thus, both are blessed with an appreciation of beauty and the powers of attraction. However, it will be necessary for the Libra parent to realize that little Taurus wants to attract possessions...beautiful items that he or she can value and cherish. Although the Libra parent can appreciate the Taurus love for such wonderful possessions, any admiration will necessarily be from a distance since the Taurus child is unlikely to share.


Problems can arise in this relationship due to the Libra personality of being open to new ideas and the willingness to give and please others. Such an individual may become easily annoyed with a child who is something of a "plodder," who is very slow to change and often quite fixed in his or her opinions.


Nevertheless, born with an inherently good sense of color and dress, the Taurus child will appeal to the adult Libra's love of beauty. It is not unusual for this parent/child relationship to culminate in a close bond of friendship once the Taurus child reaches maturity.


Scorpio Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. The Scorpio parent likes a controlled environment and has set ways of doing things. Thus, the parent in this relationship will be far from pleased when the equally self-willed Taurus child refuses to do anything in a manner other than his or her own. These two signs are opposite each other in the Zodiac and truly have very little in common. The Scorpio parent will provide a home in which the Taurus child feels very safe...primarily because little Taurus values an unchanging way of life.


Nonetheless, since both Scorpio and Taurus are by nature prepared to be sensitive to each other, this is often an area where the bond between parent and child can develop.


Sagittarius Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


In this relationship, the adventure-loving Sagittarius parent will attempt to introduce new ideas and experiences to his or her security-loving child. This sometimes results in feelings of disappointment when the little Taurus insists on clinging to his or her ragged Teddy Bear, displaying no interest whatsoever in the new (and no doubt expensive) one which the Sagittarius parent may just have purchased...a Teddy which can talk, sing and dance. Not only does the little Taurus hate change, he or she is also slow to accept anything different into his or her life. Each new thing or event must be ventured into slowly with a Taurus child...rush a little Taurus and he or she will only further slow down. This can be very frustrating to the Sagittarius parent who hates the routine life that his or her child adheres to so persistently.


Both parent and child have a lot to learn from each other in this relationship...if they can accept that each views life very differently. The Taurus child can provide stability for an otherwise restless Sagittarius parent. In return, the Sagittarius parent can teach the Taurus child to perceive life as more of an adventure.


Capricorn Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


Both being governed by the element of earth, this parent/child combination will be a compatible one. Both will be practical and sensible and share a love of material security. The Capricorn parent will set boundaries with which the Taurus child is happy to comply...it makes he or she feel more secure. In addition, the Capricorn parent is one upon whom the Taurus child knows he or she can depend. In turn, the Capricorn parent knows that when he or she sets a task for the Taurus child, that task will be done and done correctly.


There will be much love and appreciation in this parent/child relationship and the Capricorn parent will work hard to provide the luxuries so loved by both the child and the adult.


Aquarius Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


This relationship is probably best described as: a freedom-loving and eccentric parent giving birth to a practical and routine-oriented child. The little Taurus can teach the Aquarius parent that it is rarely possible to live with a dream unless there are practical means of making that dream come true. The Taurus child will probably view the Aquarius parent as being unconventional in most ways, which can cause the little Taurus embarrassment in a multitude of situations.


However, Aquarius individuals are, by and large, unique characters...something the Taurus child is likely to find difficult to accept. Since both of these Signs possess strong personalities, there is probably no way of avoiding an eventual confrontation between the Aquarius parent and the Taurus child.


Pisces Parent and Taurus Child Relationship


This parent child combination will probably be quite good. The child here will be more practical than his or her parent, unable by nature to rely on dreams and feelings. With any Taurus individual, the "here and now" is what will be of most importance. However, a Pisces parent is an extremely loving character and will be able to provide the emotional security so necessary to the Taurus child's well-being. In return, the desire for material possessions and the sensible approach to life inherent in this child can help ground the dreamy Pisces parent and may be most beneficial in turning Pisces' dreams into realities.


The little Taurus will also learn through this relationship that if anything is to get done, then he or she is probably going to have to take personal responsibility for its completion.


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