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Given the right circumstances, Taurus child will grow up to be an inspirational and artistic individual, provided he or she is given plenty of time during the early years to grasp a new fact or situation.


Since the Taurus child is a far-thinker who usually begins to plan a career at an early age, the maturity to adulthood is likely to bring ample displays of ambition, coupled with a good business sense and excellent business abilities.


Blessed with an abundance of natural charm, soft-spoken voice and basically gentle demeanor, the Taurus child can exhibit much sympathetic understanding toward those of whom he or she is fond.


The baby Taurus is likely to smile at a very early age and usually appears most content.


Qualities and Features of A Taurus Child


Being by nature faithful, romantic and loyal, there is every reason to believe that the Taurus youngster will develop into a person who can look forward to a rewarding career and a happy, stable family life. The girls governed by this Sign will also make for excellent home-makers.


Characteristics of Taurus Child


Here are basic characteristics of Taurus child:

  • The little Taurus is generally strong and healthy. A sturdy and passionate child, he or she will be staid, methodical, critical, practical, cautious and dependable.
  • Taurus children like consistency in their young lives and schedules are essential. This little one will be no taker of risks. He or she will thrive on having mealtimes, bedtime and playtime all at consistent hours during the day.
  • It is possible to reason with a Taurus child, but only in calm fashion. It is virtually impossible to attempt to drive this little one against his or her will, since this is often an exceedingly stubborn and high-tempered child.
  • When faced with opposition, it is not unusual for the little Taurus to become very furious, apt to fly into a rage very quickly. At such times, children governed by this Sign may be totally uncontrollable.
  • The Taurus personality is a fixed one and this child may not find it easy to mix freely with his or her peers. All too often, the little Taurus is perfectly content with solitude, thoroughly enjoying his or her own company.
  • Basically, this will be a carefree youngster with a happy disposition, but one who is apt to indulge to excess...particular with food and drink.

Nonetheless, this youngster often possesses a lazy streak that he or she will need help in overcoming. Gentle encouragement is the key to changing such lethargy by turning the child's interest to something which will bring stimulation.


It will be necessary from an early age for any caregiver to develop the will of the Taurus youngster along the right lines. If not taught to be "masters" of themselves, Taurus children are apt to embark on lives of self-gratification upon reaching the age of maturity.


How to Handle a Taurus Child


Here are ways you can handle a Taurus child:

  • Corporal punishment should be avoided with the Taurus child and he or she needs to be spoken to and made to realize the folly of his or her actions only after the anger and passion has been spent.
  • Although the little Taurus will be headstrong, he or she will invariably be susceptible to kindness at all times and often, it will take nothing more than a simple hug to turn the tide
  • Fond of books and learning, the Taurus child should be provided the best of educational facilities and encouraged to take advantage of such opportunities. Proper education will become an important factor in the battles this child will inevitably encounter during his or her lifetime.
  • The unwillingness to share with others also creates an additional problem in this area for the young Taurus. Thus, he or she needs to be encouraged to make friends and engage in mutual play. Early exposure to other children is likely to be very beneficial, as will a reward system which encourages sharing and tolerance.
  • Encouragement should be given for the little Taurus to engage in physical exercise. With an inborn love of the outdoors, gardening might be a favored hobby, for example. Such an activity will also help the Taurus child to combat the tendency toward being overweight.

Above all, emotional security is paramount to this child and any form of change...particularly change over which he or she has no control...will frighten the Taurus youngster.


Common sense is perhaps the greatest asset of Taurus children. Since the mind of this little one is logical and methodical, the resolution of any problem in a systematic and sensible way comes naturally.


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