Taurus May 2017 Horoscope

Taurus May 2017 Horoscope Taurus May 2017 Horoscope

Looking at May 2017 Taurus Horoscope, we will look at planetary influences on Taurus for the month of May.


The fact is; the Moon being in Taurus for the Month of May and couple with the position of Jupiter is sure to guarantee interesting events more especially in areas of work and finances.


There will also be positive advancement in areas of relationships but due to the unfavourable position of Venus in Month of May, you need to exercise caution…as poor decisions could be destructive. 


Detailed look at planetary influence on Taurus for the Month of May


Influence of Mercury


In month of May, Mercury will be in Taurus and this will trigger a lot of positive and negative emotions…fears, isolation, seclusion, spirituality and charity. This is the best time for self-analysis…time to deal with hidden emotions, add knowledge of self and for prayer and meditation.


Influence of Venus


For the month of May 2017, Venus is also in house of Taurus. This means this is a period for a Taurus to sincerely express feelings…considering Venus and Mercury alignment. All Taurus personalities are advised not to be overly emotional…this transit period.


Influence of Sun


For the Month of May, the sun is in Taurus 1st self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. This means it is an important for personal life of all born of Taurus. Attention will be given to physical appearance and health matters. Actually, it is a period to examine self-worth…particular efforts should be made in value to self.




Taking a summary of Taurus May 2017 Horoscope, cautions must be exercised in retrograde periods…these include May 16 to June 6 and April 9th to May 3rd as these are important times for looking within and to the past for answers. All Taurus natives need to do is to take time with important decisions and avoid making drastic changes until these retrograde periods are over. Some of the decisions made in early April are likely to later involve a change of mind or change of heart.


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