Locating Stars In Taurus Constellation

Locating Stars In Taurus Constellation Locating Taurus Constellation


Locating stars in Taurus constellation can be done on a reasonable dark night. Actually, you can spot at least eight stars which make up the Pleiades.


You can easily view the Hyades with the naked eye….the stars which make-up the Hyades appears to be spread out.



Locating the Pleiades - Stars in Taurus Constellation

Locating the Pleiades - Stars of Taurus Constellation Locating the Pleiades

In locating the Pleiades, (one of the best known open clusters, easily visible to the eye) it lie in the west of the constellation.


Actually, the Pleiades are some 425 light years from the earth. Pleiades stars appeared on the horizon around harvest time…among ancient civilization. You will also find Alcyone…the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster….many times brighter than the sun….and even ten times larger than the sun.


Also among the Pleiades cluster, you can locate vast reflection nebula called Melope Nebula covering southern Pleiades.


Locating the Hyades - Stars in Taurus Constellation

Locating the Hyades - Stars in Taurus Constellation Locating the Hyades


Like the Pleiades, the Hyades are also an open cluster….only 150 light years from the earth. Among the Hyades, you will locate an embryo star T Tauri and surrounding reflection nebula north of Hyades.


Locating Crab Nebula - Stars in Taurus Constellation


Again, locating stars in Taurus constellation, you will find Crab Nebula M1…. supernova remnant 1.5 degree NW of zeta Tauri.


Crab nebula is located 7200 light years away from the earth. You will also find small and round nebula in east of supernova remnant of Sh2-240….technically called LBN826. Paying close attention, you will find a very faint but vast supernova remnant (Sh2-240…Simeis147) around boundary on Auriga.  


You will get a wide view of two clusters and a diffused nebula in Perseus…..referred to as California Nebula, Pleiades & Hyades.


Locating other Stars in Taurus Constellation


You will also locate a distant colliding galactic pair (NGC1409 & NGC1410) on boarder to Eridanus….3000 million light years from the earth. Another star you can locate in Taurus constellation is a small planetary nebula (NGC1514) near a border to Perseus (4300 light years from the earth).  


More specially your eye will be exposed to vast dark nebula (Barnard’s 7) around the Milky Way in Taurus and Auriga. You will also view Medium-sized open clusters (NGC1647 &NGC1746) between the horns. In most cases you will see small open star clusters (NGC1807 & NGC1817) at the boundary on Orion. 


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