Legends of The Constellation Taurus

Legends of The constellation Taurus Legends of The constellation Taurus


The Pleiades - Legends of constellation Taurus



The Pleiades high visibility in the night sky guaranteed it a special place in legends of the constellation Taurus.


The Australian Aborigines believed the Pleiades were a woman who had been nearly raped by Kidili, the man in the moon.


Alternatively, other sources have it that the Pleiades were seven sisters called the Makara. To the Maori of New Zealand, they are called Mataariki and their helical rising signifies the beginning of New Year being around June.  


It is on record that Native Americans measured keenness of vision by the number of stars the viewer could see in the Pleiades. In ancient Europe, especially in Greek circles, the Pleiades were a common vision test. In Japan, the Pleiades are known as Subaru.


legends of Taurus constellation Legends of Taurus constellation

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were also identified as Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters traditionally identified as legends of the constellation are: Asterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygete, Celaeno, Alcyone.


Alcyone was sometimes referred to as Halcyone; she was seduced by Poseidon and gave birth to Hyrieus. This Sister is also known as the “Central one,” the “Hen” and the “Queen Who Wards off Evil Storms.”


Asterope was referred to as Sterope, one legend tells that this Sister was ravished by Ares and gave birth to Oenomaus, king of Pisa.


This Sister was also known as “Asterie of the Starry Sky,” a title which has been linked to the Creatrix of the Universe.

Legends of Taurus Constellation Legends of Taurus

Celeno is also referred to as Celaeno, she was seduced by Poseidon and she is credited with being the mother of the Lycus…the “Wolf” and Chimaerus….the “He-Goat”, courtesy of a liaison with Prometheus.


Some sources believed she was struck by lightning. Electra was also referred to as Eleckra; this Sister was the wife of Corythus. She was seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Dardanus, Founder of Troy. The name Electra means “amber”, “shining”, or “bright” and thought may be the origin of “electricity.”


Maia is the eldest and most beautiful of the Sisters. Maia was a Mountain Nymph who was seduced by Zeus; she gave birth to the Messenger God, and later became foster mother. Maia is also sometimes referred to as “Mother” or “Grandmother.”


Taygete was also referred to as Toygeta.  This Sister consecrated to Artemis the Cerynitian Hind with the golden horns that Heracles (during the Third Labor) had to fetch. She was seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Lacedemon, the founder of Sparta, to which City she was thus an important Goddess.


Merope was referred to as “The Missing One” or “Lost Pleiades.” She was the seventh Sisters and (according to one fable) the wife of Sisyphus, grandson of Deucalion (the Greek Noah) and great-grandson of Prometheus. Sisyphus founded the city of Ephyre, also known as Corinth, but was later condemned by Zeus to eternally roll a huge stone up a hill in Hades.


Stories on legends of the constellation Taurus tell us that Merope repents of this marital indiscretion and hides her face in shame at being the only one of the Sisters who failed to cohabitate with a God.


The Hyades - Legends of the Constellation Taurus


Another important star in Taurus constellation is the group of stars known as the Hyades…also features as legends of the constellation Taurus.


In Greek myth, two different groups of people were referred to as the Hyades (“the rainy ones”) and Pluvius (“he who sends rain”) was used to describe them. The Hyades were said to be daughters of Atlas and Aethra, they nursed Zeus and were placed in the sky as a constellation in appreciation.


Also, the Hyades were believed to be Sisters of Hyas. Their brother was accidentally killed in a hunting accident and they died from the grief. They were changed into stars, representing the head of Taurus constellation.


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