Interesting Facts of Taurus Constellation

Facts of Taurus Constellation Facts of Taurus Constellation


Identification of Taurus as a Bull - Interesting facts of Taurus Constellation



One interesting facts of the constellation Taurus is the identification of the constellation Taurus as a bull. The Mesopotamians… of several early urban civilizations, are the first to call the parts of the sky (known as constellation Taurus) Gud.Anna……meaning ‘Bull of Heaven’. 


Large prehistoric images of bulls are found throughout Southwest France and Spain, joining prehistoric European sculptures of bulls rendered in stone, clay and bone.

Other interesting facts of the constellation of Taurus

Interesting facts of Taurus Constellation Interesting facts of Taurus Constellation



The Bull figured as a symbol of strength and fertility in many ancient cultures, and is prominent in the mythology of almost all early civilizations. 


At the time ancient Mediterranean and Middle East civilizations were at their heights, the Sun would have entered Taurus in the spring.


For many of these herding and agricultural civilizations, the spring season - planting and births of animals - signaled the start of a new year.


Astronomers Recognition of Taurus - Interesting facts of Constellation Taurus


It is also an interesting fact that the constellation Taurus as recognized by Babylonian astronomers is considered to be among the oldest sky patterns recognized by human civilizations. It is believed to be a part through which our Sun, Moon, and planets appeared to travel during the course of a year.


Many of the celestial objects in Taurus that are visible to the naked eye. Among them are the star clusters Hyades and Pleiades.  The rising of the Hyades was associated with rain from ancient Greece to ancient China. The Pleiades were said to be visible in good weather, a sign that the ancient seamen could undertake a sea voyage. 


Two notable star clusters, the Pleiades and the Hyades, are found in Taurus, which also includes a number of double stars (observable with small telescopes) and the Crab Nebula (M1). The stars of the Hyades are associated with one another in the sense that they are all moving in approximately the same direction and at the same speed through the galaxy. Plotting their movements backwards eventually brings them all to a more or less a single point about 600-800 million years ago, a fact explained by the theory that they all formed in the same stellar nursery. The stars of the Praesepe star cluster may also be related.


This common interesting fact of Taurus constellation was only demonstrated in 1908 by astronomer Lewis Boss, but the Hyades have been known since antiquity. The name itself dates back at least as far as 1000 BC, when it is mentioned in various Greek sources.


Taurus constellation also contains the bright stars Elnath (Beta Tauri) and Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), long used in navigation. A line extended through and slightly up from Orion's belt will strike Aldebaran. Taurus reaches its highest point in the evening sky in January.


Star Clusters found in Taurus - Interesting facts of Constellation Taurus


Other interesting facts of the constellation Taurus worthy of mentioning are star clusters found in Taurus constellation. They are physically bound systems of stars.


In order of low compactness to high compactness (and in some sense also age) they range from stellar associations to open clusters to globular clusters. Star clusters are held together by the gravitation of their members. Due to both external (encounters with massive objects, influence of the host galaxy) and internal (encounters with other cluster members, stellar evolution) influences, clusters slowly evaporate. Their lifetime varies from a few million years for loose associations to many billions (milliards) of years for massive globulars.


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