Taurus Sun Virgo Moon

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Taurus Sun Virgo Moon

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon combination produces a charming, poised and balanced character blessed with a good deal of common sense. By and large, these subjects will glide through life with few problems, due to the pragmatic and stable characteristic of Taurus coupled with the cool intellect of Virgo.


Taurus Sun Virgo Moon natives have much to offer the world, but may need to be spurred into action.


Once the inertia of making a start has been overcome, then these individuals (if they so desire) are able to throw themselves into work with immense energy.


More About Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Personality


There is a tendency here for this combination to complain about the way life is treating them but without these minor irritations, these natives would simply coast along and allow others to shoulder the responsibilities.


In short, a little adversity is good for the Taurus governed by a Virgo Moon, providing something of a "wake up call" which invariably leads to a heightened sense of conscientiousness.

Here are other features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Virgo Moon persons:


Possess lots of wits and practical nature


Taurus Sun Virgo Moon persons, if left to their own devices, possess an innate ability to slip by with the expenditure of an extremely small amount of energy...living by their wits and practical nature. However, when these individuals apply themselves, the results can be quite amazing.


Inherent quick and retentive memory and great love of reading


A natural student, the mind here is quick and retentive. There is a great love of reading and an inherent talent to grasp and retain material that may often be overlooked by others.


Stubborn streak and a dislike of being told what to do


The Taurus native ruled by a Virgo Moon may well be stubborn with a dislike of being told what to do. Nonetheless, he or she may well end up playing a subordinate role due to the lack of aggression and the reluctance to assume control and responsibility.


Possess charisma and magnetism


This Taurus Sun Virgo Moon mix will have charisma and magnetism combined with the ability to perceive others for what they truly are. Such characteristics make for an easy life and this Taurus native is proficient at becoming the perfect opportunist to take advantage of charm, common sense and his or her inherent ability to produce a most comfortable lifestyle.

Some Famous Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Personalities


  • * Candice Bergen
  • * Busta Rhymes
  • * Joan Chen
  • * Roma Downey
  • * Emilio Estevez
  • * William Randolph Hearst
  • * Jay Leno
  • * Sugar Ray Leonard
  • * Daniel Day Lewis
  • * Traci Lords
  • * Shirley MacLaine
  • * Jack Nicholson 
  • * Michelle Pfeiffer
  • * Bob Saget
  • * Pete Townshend
  • * Mare Winningham

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