Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon


The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon combination produces a personality possessed of a good deal more emotional intensity than is normally associated with the very stable Sign of the Bull.


There is a very attractive cover here which hides the emotionally temperamental side of the nature.


Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon subjects emit a definite air that insists "black is black" and "white is white," and the many "shades of grey" simply do not exist.

More About Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Persons


Notable features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon persons:


Possess extremely strong and passionate nature


These persons have an extremely strong and passionate nature. In short, Taurus natives governed by a Scorpio Moon know what they want and how to get it. The charm here is instantaneous and, coupled with the innate dramatic flair, provides a talent for acting and speaking.


Like to be noticed and are far from timid individuals


Natives of Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon combination like to be noticed and are far from timid individuals. These characters are very appealing to the opposite sex, but the temperament released when reserves break down can easily make for immensely stormy relationships.


Inherent great talents and abilities


Given the talents and abilities of the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon combination, its subjects could easily go far, but the ambition to do so is often not as strong as others might believe.


Prone to a constant build-up of tension


Taurus natives ruled by a Scorpio Moon seem to be prone to a constant build-up of tension, producing a continual urge to "get away from it all" and completely relax...and such reprieve is indeed vital to avoid the stress to which this Sun Moon blend is rather susceptible.


Some Famous Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Personalities


  • * Eve Arden
  • * Bono (of U2)
  • * James Brown
  • * John Brown
  • * Sandy Dennis
  • * Joey Ramone
  • * Sugar Ray Robinson
  • * Roberto Rosellini
  • * Tori Spelling
  • * Harry S. Truman

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