Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon combination produces a character which is both extroverted and social, coupled with great enjoyment of a "good time." The sense of what actually constitutes such a "good time" is variable among Taurus persons ruled by a Sagittarius Moon...it could mean something simple and earthy or it could mean something much more venturesome.


The highly developed social sense of Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals suggests that they are fond of people in general.


However, these people must be the right people. This combination would rather spend time alone than be confined with others who are perceived to be dull and/or uninteresting. This is not to say that these Taurus natives are class-conscious in any way.


More About Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Persons


With their ability to say the "right thing" at the "right time," they are able to get along well with all types of people from all walks of life.


Here are other features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon persons:


Forthright and direct with a great sense of sincerity and decisiveness


The manner of speaking will be forthright and direct with a great sense of sincerity and decisiveness. The stubborn nature of Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon persons may be expressed in such a flexible way that a topic can be discussed at great length without any wavering from the original and personal position.


Possess a tendency to adhere to their very high principles and personal code of ethics


Taurus natives governed by the Sagittarius Moon possess a tendency to adhere to their very high principles and personal code of ethics. Thus, they can be perceived as moralists, not above "sitting in judgment" of friends and acquaintances...something these Taurus subjects feel they have a right to do, given they are usually rather good, law-abiding and conventional human beings.


Great speaking skills


Talk is a specialty of this Sun Moon combination, especially when the conversation adopts something of a personal touch. The Taurus native ruled by a Sagittarius Moon will always enjoy exchanging tidbits of gossip and perpetuating rumors.




Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon blends attempts to live a good life, one which is full and satisfying in an intellectual sense but one which will also be pleasant and luxurious.

Some Famous Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Personalities


  • * John James Audubon
  • * John Wilkes Booth
  • * Johannes Brahms
  • * Frank Capra
  • * Marilyn Chambers
  • * Rita Coolidge
  • * Albert Finney
  • * Al Franken
  • * Halston
  • * Hedda Hopper
  • * Saddam Hussein
  • * Reggie Jackson
  • * Cloris Leachman
  • * Liberace
  • * Al Pacino
  • * Ritchie Valens

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