Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

The Taurus Sun Pisces Moon combination produces a character blessed with much creativity and imagination but, at the same time, produces a somewhat private dream life which may not have a firm grip on reality.


The inherent personality of Taurus provides a restful or stable internal nature, but the Pisces Moon tends to make for a rather changeable character.


Although there is a need and desire here for sympathy and affection, these Taurus natives may isolate themselves from others and maintain strong powers of restraint regarding personal feelings.

More About Taurus Sun Pisces Moon Personality


Taurus Sun Pisces Moon subjects are highly sensitive to emotional matters, as well as being rather impressionable to expressions of love and flattery. These are individuals who are somewhat susceptible to being imposed upon by friends and associates.


Insights to others are continuously being formed and evaluated...the conclusions formed generally being quite accurate. It is important that Taurus persons governed by a Pisces Moon exercise discrimination in selecting their friends.


Here are other features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Pisces Moon individuals:


Prone to attract imposition by others


The passive inclinations inherent in this individual's nature make him or her prone to attract imposition by others, who will play upon the good nature and kind disposition of Taurus Sun Pisces Moon combination.


Tends to take life very seriously


Taurus Sun Pisces Moon souls take life very seriously, but tend to view things going on around them as though they were not part of the picture. In short, it is somewhat easy for them to lose sight of reality. This can be an extremely amiable Sun Moon blend when its subjects allow themselves to respond to others in a spontaneous and natural manner.


Innately strong in romance


These individuals are "naturals" for romance, which is always innately strong in the character of this Taurus native. Nonetheless, there is a stubborn streak here which often serves as a protective device and can be helpful, provided it is not allowed to become too powerful of a force in the personality.


Prone to overindulgence


Taurus Sun Pisces Moon persons are prone to overindulgence, which can be problematic at times...too much worry, too much food or too much pleasure-seeking, for example. It is vital that Taurus individuals ruled by the Capricorn Moon avoid brooding and feeling sorry for themselves. They will fare much better when they open up to others and maintain a positive attitude.

Some Famous Taurus Sun Pisces Moon Personalities


  • * Christian Brando
  • * Robert Browning
  • * Duane Eddy
  • * Thomas Gainsborough
  • * Audrey Hepburn
  • * Olga Korbut
  • * Ferruccio Lamborghini
  • * Page McConnell
  • * Timothy McVeigh
  • * Samuel Morse
  • * Edward R. Murrow
  • * Ryan O'Neal
  • * Jack Ruby
  • * Jerry Seinfeld
  • * Phil Silvers
  • * Debra Winger
  • * Pia Zadora

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