Taurus Sun Libra Moon

Taurus Sun Libra Moon Taurus Sun Libra Moon

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon combination produces one of the most likeable personalities of the entire Zodiac. Although others may possess more wit, ambition or intellect, none equal the charm and appeal of the Taurus Sun Libra Moon subject.


The first loves here are a nice home and close-knit family...social contact and involvement come a close second. The keen social personality of this combination is aided by a fine sense of humor and an easygoing outlook.


Taurus Sun Libra Moon persons have an abundance of optimism, even though they might be "up to their ears" in private and/or personal woes. Anybody who does not like this Taurus native is probably motivated by jealousy.


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Features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Libra Moon persons:


Possess expressive and idealistic nature


The nature here is expressive and idealistic, somewhat inclined toward the dramatic and artistic. Although the positive attitude of Taurus subjects governed by the Libra Moon allows them to accomplish a great deal once they settle down to work, they cannot be truly happy if forced to face the world of fact and figures, or engage in anything that restricts the inherent creative talent.


Difficulties in handling conflicts


These individuals are unable to handle conflict very well since they usually suffer from nervous tension when placed in a confrontational situation or hostility of any kind.


Possess great sense of balance and harmony


There is a great sense of balance and harmony in this Sun Moon blend which constantly protects its subjects from ever "going off the deep end."


Prone to wide range of emotional responses


The Taurus Sun Libra Moon person may have a wide range of emotional responses...rapturous joy when he or she is in a solid relationship with someone special, for example, but on the other hand, a tendency to "go to pieces" when confronted by hostility and forced to react accordingly.


Some Famous Taurus Sun Libra Moon Personalities


  • * Nicole Brown
  • * Calamity Jane
  • * Judy Collins
  • * Tony Danza
  • * Ella Fitzgerald
  • * Henry Fonda
  • * Doug Henning
  • * Billy Joel
  • * Golda Meir
  • * William Shakespeare
  • * Sid Vicious
  • * George Takei
  • * Rudolph Valentino

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