Taurus Sun Leo Moon

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Taurus Sun Leo Moon


The Taurus Sun Leo Moon combination produces a strong and determined will, coupled with well-defined opinions, and a very forthright, honest and fearless personality.


There is much pride associated with the nature of a Taurus Sun Leo Moon individual.


These subjects will respect others but, first and foremost, listen to themselves and trust their own personal abilities. Not tending to rely on intellect alone, this combination depends upon hunches and the key to success is likely to be the inherent self-esteem.

More About Taurus Sun Leo Moon Personality


Creativity and pragmatism mark the nature of Taurus governed by a Leo Moon, providing an excellent sense of how things should be constructed, organized and/or planned.


This combination makes for a good manager or boss and others will respond well to working with such an individual.


Here are other features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Leo Moon persons:


Critical, steady and consistent


Steady and consistent, the Taurus Sun Leo Moon person seldom "blows up." However, he or she can be critical...albeit in a fair and constructive way. These are people who want things done their way and dislike having their actions very closely monitored or scrutinized...although they are not above doing this to those around them.


Trustworthy, honest and devoted


Taurus Sun Leo Moon natives will have few close friends, but to those friends they will be trustworthy, honest and devoted. At his or her best, this subject will be persistent, sure and reliable. However, personal confidence and pride can, at times, create a somewhat domineering and inflexible attitude...an individual with strong likes and dislikes, who often has an aversion to a person based on instinctive feelings rather than any factors based upon reason.


Tendencies toward extremes


The Taurus subject ruled by a Leo Moon will possess a fixed and stable personality but, during the early years of life, one which probably had tendencies toward extremes. It will always be important for this combination to double-check decisions and strive to avoid the over-estimation of possibilities due to confidence or pride.




Behind the spirited yet prideful impulsive qualities of Taurus Sun Leo Moon combination lays a practical, solid and determined nature which will much better serve the Taurus native governed by a Leo Moon.

Some Famous Taurus Sun Leo Moon Personalities


  • * Madeleine Albright
  • * Christine Baranski
  • * Scott Carpenter
  • * Bing Crosby
  • * Moshe Dayan
  • * Sandra Dee
  • * Kirsten Dunst
  • * Carmen Electra
  • * Queen Elizabeth II
  • * Guglielmo Marconi
  • * Eva Peron
  • * Barbra Streisand
  • * Renee Zellweger

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