Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

The Taurus Sun Gemini Moon combination produces a character with an affinity for sociability and a definite air of simple pleasantness.


The contrasting elements of slowness afforded by Taurus coupled with the speed of Gemini, generally makes for a Taurus subject who is more apt to make errors of judgment than would normally be expected of a Taurus native.


The inherent stubborn trait may still be present, but the Gemini Moon frequently provides a tendency to jump somewhat quickly to conclusions...something not usually quite so apparent in the Taurus personality. 

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Features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Gemini Moon persons:


Mental alertness here – opinions are formed quickly


Trouble can sometimes arise in this combination when opinions are formed quickly and the individual insists on holding onto that opinion, no matter what. There is mental alertness here, but the magnificent memory customarily associated with the Sign of the Bull may well be lacking.


Can be restless and fickle


The Taurus Sun Gemini Moon person tends to be far too critical of others, and this blend is indeed the most restless and fickle of all the Moon and Taurus combinations. These individuals are likely to jump into friendships or romantic relationships and then find a multitude of reasons why the other person is not suitable. Continuous challenges and stimulation is necessary here in order keep the undivided attention of this Taurus native.


Great capacity for educational attainment


Taurus Sun Gemini Moon persons are prone to require more education than most people because study and learning will steady the nature. The capacity for attainment by these individuals increases in direct ratio to their interest in study and learning.


Exceptional verbal skills...speaking or writing


Fortunately, the intellectual tendencies of the Taurus Sun Gemini Moon native will endow him or her with good abilities and/or talents and there is apt to be exceptional verbal skills...speaking or writing. With education, the nature of this blend can be less restless and more contented, but the mind is in constant need of something tangible and concrete with which to relate.


It is important that the Taurus subject governed by a Gemini Moon keep mentally busy.


Some Famous Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Personalities


  • * Fred Astaire
  • * George Carlin
  • * Perry Como
  • * Leonardo da Vinci
  • * Enya
  • * Peter Frampton
  • * Sigmund Freud
  • * Jill Ireland
  • * Edward Lear
  • * Sonny Liston
  • * Harold Lloyd
  • * Lee Majors
  • * Rick Nelson
  • * Roy Orbison
  • * David O. Selznick
  • * Aaron Spelling
  • * Shirley Temple
  • * Tina Yothers 

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