Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon


The Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon combination produces a personality which is gentle and easygoing, unless provoked in some way.


When asked to do something against their will, these individuals have a tendency to resist with great stubbornness...such is the nature of both Taurus and Capricorn. The makeup of Taurus Capricorn persons is very strong and emotionally durable.


They can handle much stress and strain and will invariably emerge from any given crisis in good shape. These are stable and decisive souls, ones who are rarely frivolous or whimsical.

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Notable features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon persons:


Very practical and waste no time daydreaming


Taurus subjects governed by a Capricorn Moon do not waste time daydreaming...they are far too practical to engage in such a practice. They may spend a good deal of time planning or putting things together, but truly prefer to deal in tangible and matter-of-fact affairs which lend themselves well to the close scrutiny and critical analysis inherent in this Sun Moon combination.


Can be depended upon for help


These are reliable individuals who can be depended upon for help when it comes to the problems and/or projects of others. The Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon person actually enjoys a sense of responsibility and may even prefer it to the recognition or power that customarily accompanies authority.


Very security conscious


Security is of paramount importance here. This Taurus subject does not necessarily crave wealth, but security of home, of position, and a degree of prestige are all important.


Proud individuals with a strong sense of self worth


Taurus natives ruled by a Capricorn Moon are proud individuals with a strong sense of their own worth, which they like to see manifested in the material things of their world...accomplishments or surroundings, for example.


Possesses extraordinary executive talent


Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon blend possesses extraordinary executive talent due to the down-to-earth manner of approaching problems and the innate understanding of human nature. There is an instinct for knowing what others are thinking...and what they will be thinking within a short period of time.


Some Famous Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon Personalities


  • * James Barrie
  • * Yogi Berra
  • * Kandi Burruss
  • * David Byrne
  • * Mark David Chapman
  • * Cher
  • * Adolf Hitler
  • * Bianca Jagger
  • * Meadowlark Lemon
  • * Vladimir Lenin
  • * Joe Louis
  • * Willie Mays
  • * Jimmy Stewart
  • * John Waters
  • * Tammy Wynette

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