Taurus Sun Cancer Moon

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Taurus Sun Cancer Moon

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon combination produces a rather contradictory and confusing personality. The placement of the Moon suggests a sensitive person who is easily hurt and, on occasion, very resentful.


Conversely, however, the Sun in Taurus indicates an individual who is not very easily pushed around and, at times, can be downright stubborn. The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon subject can usually hide personal dislikes very well and relies heavily on diplomacy.


Thus, others are often somewhat unclear as to where this Taurus individual stands or what this Taurus individual is thinking. Taurus natives ruled by a Cancer Moon have a way of changing their tactics to suit their purposes and there is often a tendency to avoid conflicts.


More About Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Persons


Here are features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Cancer Moon persons:


Shrewd, sensitive and endowed with an emotional side


In business, this will be a shrewd tactical planner who can formulate the right strategy in a given situation. However, this is also a person who is often influenced more by feelings than by reason. This blend provides a sensitive nature, endowed with an emotional side which can be easily aroused.


Personality is based in home, family and Self-assurance


The foundation of the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon personality is based in the home and with the family. These are also the stabilizing factors. Self-assurance gives the impression of strength, but it is truly only skin deep.


Inherent capacity for conciliating different views


The capacity here for conciliating different views is remarkable, but it can appear to others as a lack of real personal conviction, which is not usually the case.


Inherent capacity for sound and extremely well-constructed ideas


The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon person tends to hide his or her light "under a bushel" when the need arises for decision-making and affirmative action. Such individuals need to learn not to be such a "pushover," since their ideas are normally very sound and extremely well-constructed.


Possess strong ambitions


The ambitions associated with this combination are strong and a Taurus influenced by the Cancer Moon will never give up on a job. However, there is a distinct tendency to be a little on the negative side and pessimism can easily surface when things fail to go the way this individual believes that they should.

Some Famous Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Personalities


  • * Burt Bacharach
  • * Penelope Cruz
  • * Ulysses S. Grant
  • * Willie Nelson
  • * Anthony Quinn
  • * Martha Quinn
  • * Pete Seeger
  • * Benjamin Spock
  • * Steve Winwood

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