Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon combination produces an affable personality coupled with an easy and friendly manner which makes it easy for such natives to meet and deal with strangers.


Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon persons know instinctively how to get along with others. However, this demeanor often conceals a core of hard purpose and solid convictions.


These individuals will be charming and pleasant in manner...attributes which draw others like a magnet...and much will be achieved here by way of diplomacy and friendly persuasion. Likewise, Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon persons are very tolerant of others and will always show an interest in the personal lives of those around them...albeit in a rather detached way. 

More About Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Persons


Here are other features and characteristics of Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon persons:


Sense of faith in others


Occasionally too quick to trust the untrustworthy, these Taurus natives are prone to have an initial sense of faith in others. Indeed, few human beings are able to live up to this Sun Moon combination's code of treating others as they would themselves be likewise treated.


Can feel very deeply about things


The major motivating power and/or personal drive here stems from the depth of feeling associated with Taurus individuals who are governed by a Capricorn Moon. They can feel very deeply about things yet, due to an impersonal quality in the external personality, are seldom likely to "go overboard" because of emotional pressures.


Inherent knowledge of how to control and wisely direct feelings


There is an innate knowledge of how to control and wisely direct feelings, making them work for this Taurus native with regard to human relationships. These Sun/Moon persons possess excellent and very studious minds, being both curious and inventive. By nature, they are able to work well with colors and forms and may have much creative talent.


Possess a good deal of self-esteem


Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon individuals do not ask for much in a material sense and thus, may not achieve a great deal in this regard...although inertia may be their only enemy. They possess a good deal of self-esteem which will be very helpful in attaining much in life.


Although shrewd in business matters, Taurus subjects ruled by a Capricorn Moon will never allow honor to desert them. Their friendliness and ability to put others at ease can prove to be their greatest asset for success and achievement.


Some Famous Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Personalities


  • * Andre Agassi
  • * Stephen Baldwin
  • * David Beckham
  • * Tony Blair
  • * Charlotte Bronte
  • * Pierce Brosnan
  • * George Clooney
  • * Bobby Darin
  • * Dale Earnhardt
  • * Gabriel Fahrenheit
  • * Larry Gatlin
  • * Jessica Lange
  • * George Lucas
  • * Patti LuPone
  • * Niccolo Machiavelli
  • * Talia Shire
  • * Uma Thurman
  • * Orson Welles 

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