Taurus Zodiac Season

Taurus Zodiac Season Taurus Zodiac Season (Spring)


Taurus is a Spring Zodiac Sign (as are the Signs of Aries and Gemini).


This time of the year is also known as the Vernal Equinox when the days and nights are of equal length. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring begins on March 21, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it begins around September 23.


However, for the purposes of Astrology, the Northern Hemisphere timeframe marks the beginning of this Season. 

Facts About Taurus Zodiac Season (Spring)


  • Spring is the First Quarter (or Quadrant) of the yearly cycle, traditionally associated with the period of new growth and/or rebirth.
  • In terms of the human life cycle, Spring represents the time of birth to the age of twenty-one...the active period of development encompassing birth, infancy, childhood and adolescence.
  • Governed by the faculty of intuition, this period represents an objective manifestation and has an unconscious orientation. In short, although objective growth is taking place in an external fashion, the internal state remains highly subjective. This is largely due to the fact that Venus (which rules the Zodiac Sign of Taurus) is classified as an "inner" or "personal" planet, meaning it is relatively small in size as well as being close to the Earth and the Sun.
  • This time of human life also displays an exceedingly subjective or personal orientation. The developing child perceives the world largely as an extension of himself or herself. Apprehension of life is coloured by intuition and powerful unconscious drives. The ability of a child to absorb and assimilate impressions of the outside world is truly quite astonishing and, on occasion, the young person will be at the mercy of such powerful forces, not always acting in the most rational or conscious manner.


Influence of Spring on Taurus Personalities


Possess a great enthusiasm for life


In general, individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of Spring possess a great enthusiasm for life. The energy here is prodigious in terms of initiating projects and the ability to survive and/or adapt is noteworthy.


Have a heavy impact on their environment


Frequently more extroverted than introverted, Spring subjects are prone to have a heavy impact on their environment. However, the capacity to dutifully or doggedly adhere to one activity is often lacking.


Like to create and produce


Natives of Spring are fond of sharing their thoughts. They also like to create and produce and, more than those who fall under the jurisdiction of the other Seasons, crave relatively constant appreciation and approval for what is accomplished.


Desire for freedom


A desire for freedom also characterizes many individuals born in the Spring and they may not react favourably to having restrictions imposed upon them. Subjects ruled by this Season need to grow, expand and make their mark upon the world.




Looking at Taurus zodiac season Spring, the natives often emit a childlike air their entire lives...innocence, spontaneity and impulse are all inherent traits associated with these individuals. Normally positive in outlook, the Spring individual may well be averse to overly-serious attitudes and possess little patience for those whose orientations are negative.


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