Taurus Zodiac Quality

Taurus Zodiac Quality Taurus Zodiac Quality (Fixed)


Looking at Taurus zodiac quality, you should first understand that within each of the Triplicities or Elements is found a category known as the Qualities...also referred to as the Quadruplicities, Modes or Common States.


There are three Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each Quality addresses the manner of expression which will be displayed by the individual who falls within its jurisdiction, based upon which of the four Elements predominates.


Thus, the Element (either Fire, Earth, Air or Water) will dictate the core characteristics, while the Quality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) will dictate the way in which those characteristics are expressed.


Taurus is a Fixed Quality Sign (a Quality it shares with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). 


Facts About Taurus Zodiac Quality


  • Fixed Signs arrive at the height of each of the four Seasons...a time of the most powerful seasonal expression. These Signs are the anchor points of the Zodiac, providing depth and meaning through the establishment of a strong sense of values. As the second Zodiac Sign of Spring, Taurus is the solidifier of this Season.
  • Fixed Signs operate with stamina, loyalty, determination and perseverance. They are not easily compromised, possess deeply-ingrained habits and find any form of change a difficult concept. The most common response of Fixed Quality Signs is one of resistance. Thus, "letting go" can be a problem in all areas of life.
  • These natives maintain, uphold and defend positions, responsibilities, goals or desires in everyday situations. In short, they are the Zodiac's preservers of tradition and those who fall under the jurisdiction of a Fixed Quality are not easily distracted...able to keep "hands on the wheel and eyes on the road" at all times.
  • Fixed Signs can be relied upon to build with dogged persistence. They stabilize assets and never give up, working away in a calm fashion until the desired objective has been achieved. Fixed Signs have an abundance of self-reliance and seldom lack confidence. They are both powerful and purposeful, never forgetting those who helped them to reach their goals.
  • Patient and steady, these individuals are reliable and determined...resolute and stable...possessing a great deal of strength, persistence and the ability to concentrate. Conversely, Fixed Signs can sometimes be stubborn, displaying a "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude and may tend to become stuck in their ways, believing they are always right. These are the tenacious souls of the Zodiac...the individuals who actually get things done.
  • Fixed Quality Signs represent centripetal energy...energy which radiates inward toward the centre. These natives are associated with the principle of inertia in their mundane manifestation, but are also known for great powers of concentration and perseverance when the energy is used in the pursuit of creative activities or spiritual development.
  • The Fixed Quality is more centred on the "here and now" than either of the other Qualities, its essential energy movement being to preserve and sustain what was begun in the Cardinal phase. While Cardinal Signs start projects, Fixed Signs will finish them. In short, the Cardinal Quality indicates action, whereas the Fixed Quality is indicative of drawing action.


Influence of Fixed Quality on Taurus Personalities


Focus on the accumulation of the material and the seeking out of security


As an Earth sign with Fixed Quality, Taurus individuals inherently focus on the accumulation of the material and the seeking out of security. Such subjects are also moved to guard what they earn or accumulate. Since Taurus natives possess sensuous natures, they enjoy the tactile quality of tangible objects. They care for the property of others in the same responsible manner as if such property were their own and are often found in positions of professional guardianship (such as a museum curator) thoroughly enjoying the prospect of protecting and evaluating the worth of precious artefacts. Insurance is also a perfect industry for the Taurus individual because of this Sign's focus on security.


Oriented to the "here-and-now"


Natives of this Sign are oriented to the "here-and-now" and need to see tangible fruits of their labours. In short, some Signs of the Zodiac have no problem with being famous rather than rich, but this does not apply to Taurus subjects. Being under the influence of a practical Earth Element, Taurus individuals will always prefer to "see the cash."


Fixation on a method


All Earth Signs possess the characteristics of being relentless but in the case of Taurus, this is manifested in a fixation on a method which has been adopted through experience. Thus, if something worked well in the past then, as far as these individuals are concerned, the same will work again and again.




Looking at Taurus zodiac quality, there is an inclination toward stubbornness here, coupled with a tendency to get into something of a rut, but such is the downside of an inherent ability to "stay the course." Fixed Signs are generally greatly valued for their consistency, loyalty, devotion and reliability...to say nothing of being blessed with a patient nature. However, those who governed by Fixed Quality hold very strong opinions and, at times, can be inflexible. Nevertheless, there are some areas of life where such traits are needed and even encouraged.



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