Taurus Zodiac Lucky Day

Taurus Zodiac Lucky Day Taurus Zodiac Lucky Day

The lucky day for those who fall under the jurisdiction of Taurus is Friday.


The origin of this day derives from Norse Mythology and Frigg, a kind and beautiful Goddess who was married to Woden or Odin, the most powerful of the Norse Gods. Together, Frigg and Odin watched the happenings all over the world. Frigg was the Goddess of Nature. She controlled everything smallest hamlet to the largest jungle and was also the Goddess of Love and Marriage, as well as being the Goddess of Housewives, the Sky and the Clouds . Those who worshipped Frigg held her in such high esteem that they named a day in her honor, calling it Frigedaeg, which later became known as Friday.

Mystics of Taurus Lucky Day (Friday)


The Saxons originally referred to Friday as Frigga's Tag, which is also where the German nation gets their modern name for the name. Frigga and Woden had seven sons who are reputed to be the founders of the seven Saxon Kingdoms of England...Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia, Essex, Kent and Sussex. Alghough Frigga was permitted to share the throne with Woden, she spent most of her time spinning and looking after the welfare of mortals who lived on Earth. She was also known to smooth the paths of sweethearts and married people.


Another of Frigga's duties was to spread knowledge on the administration of justice. Those humans who had to decide legal issues and cases would look to Frigga for guidance. In addition, defendants in legal cases would call upon her to help them prove their innocence. Thus, this Goddess was responsible for teaching and symbolized the fact that wisdom cannot exist without learning.


Facts of Taurus Lucky Day (Friday)


Friday is viewed as one of the most popular days. The love for this day is undoubtedly engendered by the fact that in the Western World, it is the last workday of the week. In predominantly Moslem cultures, Friday is considered a Holy Day...a day to gather in the mosques at noon for prayers and to spend the day in religious contemplation. Since mankind's early history, a Friday that falls on the 13th day of a month has been thought to be unlucky. Historians theorize that this may be because there were thirteen persons present at the Last Supper of Christ and that this number proved unlucky. It was also on a Friday that Jesus was crucified. The Friday crucifixion spawned an Eastertime holiday known as Good Friday. The appellation "good" was likely a corruption of the word "God." Therefore, Good Friday was originally, God's Friday...the day Christians believe God showed his love for the world by relinquishing his son. According to an ancient rhyme, Friday's child is loving and giving.




For a Taurus native, Friday is the lucky day that signifies passion, excitement, satisfaction, pleasure and joy. Another reason for a Taurus to feel the jolly feel of this day is its connection to Venus. Venus rules Fridays.

Taurus will appreciate the contentment this day embodies. Fridays give of a feel of acceptance and well-being that all Taurus individuals can really enjoy. 


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