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Taurus Zodiac Element Earth - Taurus Zodiac Element

Taurus is governed by the Element of Earth...an element it shares with the Signs of Capricorn and Virgo. Earth is also the ruler of the Second, Sixth and Tenth Houses of the Zodiac. Elemental signs are basic, being general or generic in nature. The related characteristics may be tempered by other factors, but the Elemental influence nonetheless refers to core human behaviour and temperament.


The fact is; the Elemental quality associated with a Sign is dependent upon which of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac the Sun was residing at the time of an individual's birth…and in case of Taurus – Earth


Details of Zodiac Elements


The four Zodiac Elements...Fire, Earth, Air and Water...are also known as the Triplicities since there are three signs belonging to each Elemental category. Thus, this trio of Signs share something of a similar basic character. These Elements are also known as the Four Humors, utilized in Astro-Meteorology to describe a type of wind and in other matters associated with the weather. Empedocles, a Fifth Century Greek philosopher, originated the terms "Fire," "Earth," "Air" and "Water," explaining the nature of the universe as an interaction of two opposing principles called "Love" and "Strife" who manipulated the four Elements. Empedocles also stated that these four Elements were all equal and of the same age, each ruling its own province and each possessing its own individual character. Thus, different mixtures of these Elements produced the different natures of things.


Influence of Taurus Zodiac Element on Taurus Persons


All metaphors associated with things of Earth are appropriate to those individuals who fall under the influence of this Element..."salt of the earth," "feet planted firmly on the ground," etc. These are practical, grounded and dependable individuals who are not known to be large risk-takers, much preferring to stick with a "sure thing." Earth is associated with a physical and sensual approach to life, where experiences are registered by way of the senses, resulting in situations which are evaluated based upon previous personal experiences.


Earth also describes the process of containing experience by defining it boundaries...much like a clay pot holds water, enabling the utensil to be used for both drinking and cooking purposes. Earth is the most basic Element, being fertile, nurturing, stabilizing and grounding...it is indicative of the symbolic "Mother." Humana grow and raise food upon the Earth, live out their lives upon its surface and bury their dead within its depths. Essentially, the Element of Earth is practical and functional, indicative of stability. It is associated with wisdom, strength, growth and prosperity...the physical planet and the very heart of life itself. The traditional symbol for Earth is a triangle pointing downward with a horizontal line through the middle.


Other influences of Taurus zodiac Elements - Earth


Most Earth individuals have the essential quality of strength and are practical souls being fond of organization. As both defenders and builders, Taurus persons being Earth natives are steady and solid in their efforts with a strong sense of responsibility. Earth Signs are concerned with reality and the constants of home, family and work.


Earth makes Taurus natives sensual subjects who tend to be conservative in their approach to life. They are kind and cautious and it takes much to win their trust and friendship...though once obtained, these people are forever loyal. Earth natives are attracted to power and can have a negative side when it comes to power games, often being possessive and manipulative. They are able to both forgive with little effort or hold a grudge for many years.




The Element of Earth provides the Taurus individual an ability to manifest desires which help to ground energy and focus. Passive in nature, Earth represents both the womb and the grave by bringing forth and taking away. It is a stationary Element, lacking the active ability to create. It is the final outcome, related to the flesh and all physical matters. This Element nourishes, affirms, sees, touches, smells, senses, feels and holds. It is both sensual and practical. It can be stubborn and generous and possesses instinct rather than feeling. Earth is slow, steady and ever-changing...while remaining the same.


Basically, Taurus persons are the builders of the Zodiac. To these individuals, creation is a tangible proposition. 



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