Taurus Zodiac Lucky Colour

Taurus Zodiac Lucky Colour Taurus Zodiac Lucky Colour


The lucky colour for Taurus is green. Green is one of the colours associated with Venus, this Sign's ruling Planet. In a positive sense, green suggests nature...plants and forests...life, stability and restfulness. On the negative side, some tones of green can suggest decay...fungus and mould...toxicity or artificiality. Green should never be worn on serious or practical occasions. It has a soothing effect on the nerves and has come to symbolize prosperity. Green is representative of nature as a whole, the environment and vigour.


However, it can also symbolize jealousy and envy. In addition, green has also been regarded as the colour of eternal life, as seen in evergreens which never change their colour from season to season.

Other Taurus Lucky Colours


Taurus individuals are also drawn to deep blues, violets and occasionally, pastels or florals, preferring soft patterns that are suggestive of nature or natural things. They are also attracted to soothing colours that created harmony and peace, such as the calming hue of lilac.


The colours of Taurus often have luscious of sensuous associations. Taurus natives also benefit from the colour yellow, which inspires the mind and helps to offset the inherent tendency of this Sign toward indolence and apathy.


Other Qualities of Taurus Lucky Colour - Green


This colour is often used in hospitals because it is thought to be easier on the eye and aids in lowering the stress levels of both patients and caregivers. Green it is believed to an unlucky colour for those who are about to be married, but is otherwise considered lucky if an individual wish to attract attention.

Green has the passive and harmonic oval form.

Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatsoever. Therefore, it is a restful colour.


Being located in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance...a concept which carries more importance than many realize. When the world surrounding an individual contains plenty of green, it indicates the presence of water and thus, little danger of famine. Therefore, humankind on a primitive level becomes reassured by green. The negative aspect of this colour can indicate stagnation and, if used incorrectly, will be perceived as being too bland. Green is a feminine colour of passiveness and peace, wisdom of nature, eternal life and hope. However, it can also be perceived as defensive and cautious...weakening and static.


Positive Qualities of Green: Harmony - Balance - Refreshment - Universal Love - Rest - Restoration - Reassurance - Environmental Awareness - Equilibrium – Peace

Negative Qualities of Green: Boredom - Stagnation - Blandness – Enervation


Other Taurus Favourable Colours: Pink - Orange - Cream - Coral - White - Bright Brown - Bright Black

Unfavourable Colours: Grey - Dull Brown - Red - Variegated Colours - Faded Colours


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